How to use Data Protection Manager 2010 for image level backups?

I've got Hyper V installed on the media server with DPM 2010.  When I get to the selection items for my guest OS's...I don't see anything about backing up the entire VM.  There are options for the system state, all shares, etc.

I'm looking to be able to backup the entire VM, as an image.  On that note...anyone aware of the ability of DPM 2010 to backup a VM as an image, but recover data at the file / mailbox level?

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Your agent must be installed on the host hyper-v server, so that the hosted hyper-v service show as available entity to backup. IE - if your hyper-v server is called hyperv01 and your hosted VM is called BES, then you should be expanding hyperv01 in the domain tree.

There are also some prerequisite KBs that have to be manually installed on the hyper-v host, it should propmt you if they are needed

It should look like the picture below when it is working...
Have a look here.
IMHO, Acronis has a better solution in regards ease of use and fast backup/recovery.
mikeshaverAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the link.  I checked it out, but its exactly what it says in the link:  Bare Metal recovery which isn't what I'm really after as a Hyper V image (once I get them...) could easily be deployed/launched on another Hyper V server.
I'm looking to backup virtual machines, and not just the shares on them.  
I'm attaching a screen shot of what I get when I select the server to be backed up.  As you will see, there is no option for the entire thing, as an image.  
I don't want to simply backup all the shares and system state.
Anyone have any other insight?

mikeshaverAuthor Commented:
I get what you're saying about the agent being installed on the hyper V host, which is what I did.  BES is a Hyper V guest running on that host.  
I didn't get any prompts about the missing KB's unfortunately.
It seems like there isn't alot of support for the product....I nuked it and installed Backup Exec which although I find it cumbersome, is working.
Thanks to everyone.
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