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Call waiting and BLF on CME

Hi Experts!

We have a Cisco 2811 ISR running CME and Unity Express (we only use it for voice purposes).
Before I begin I'd like to mention that I'm unfamiliar with CME or CLI, so please be elaborate as possible. I did not configure this system, it was pre-configured by the reseller. I did however use CCP to add new users/extensions. My issues are as follows:
1. Extensions number 762 and 763 claim they have call waiting. I'd like to have this disabled since we do not use call waiting. If the extension is busy the call should be forwarded to Unity.

2. Some extensions are missing from the BLF on 7931 phones (users complain there is no BLF for extension 769). I also noticed that the BLF is configured per ephone. Is this really necessary? Is there any way to have it configured only once for all 7931 phones so that it only needs to be edited in a single location?

Any other comments / suggestions to the configuration are welcome :)
Here is the configuration. For obvious reasons I've censored the passwords:

Thanks in advance,

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call waiting is happening because your DN are dual lines enabled.You have to make it single line.
To change the behavior of call-waiting , you have to delete the specific ephone-dn number and re create  the same Dn with single line.
Finally you have restart the affected phones

CLI as follows for DN removal
no ephone-dn 6
no ephone-dn 20

CLI as follows for re- creating the Dns
ephone-dn  6  
number 762
pickup-group 1
name Maya Meshumar
allow watch
call-forward busy 4001
call-forward noan 4002 timeout 30

ephone-dn  20  
number 763
pickup-group 1
name Ravit Zalach
allow watch
call-forward busy 4001
call-forward noan 4002 timeout 30

CLI to restart the subject phones

ephone 6

ephone 10

Question 2:

There is no other way to configure blf speed dial to all phones from one point.

To achieve you requirement , you have to assign it to each phone using gui or CLI.

(choose subject phone using 'ephone' keywaord)

ephone 1

blf-speed-dial 15 769 label "Sarit"

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Thanks Tom. But what if I still want to keep the dual-line functionality for conference calls, talking to other party before transfer, etc, yet disable call waiting? Is that possible?
Rhetorical question - I can update the startup config (the entire file) instead of using CLI to update single entries right? (I don't mind rebooting the system)
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Great. I'll try that, thanks. Btw, I also tried:
"no call-waiting beep accept" on the ephone-dns. This indeed disabled call waiting but now when the line is busy instead of being forwarded to busy message (4001) it's forwarded to no answer (4002).