MAC users unable to connect shares.

MAC OS X 10.6.4
I created bunch of shares on the server and my non -administrator users cannot authenticate while connecting to the server.

they are getting "login failed" massage while trying to connect to it

Everything works fine when I check "Administer this server" in users profile.

what am I missing ?

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gmbaxterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This sounds like a permissions issue.

What ACLs and posix permissions do you have on the shares?

Also look in server admin, select server name, select access. Do you have restrictions set on your services? You may need to add allow all for all services, or add your user groups into the required services.
sbarhoumehAuthor Commented:
error that im getting:

sorry, you entered an invalid username or password. please try again.
Chris MillardCommented:
If you are using complex passwords, this may be causing the issue. Macs dont like certain characters in the passwords (@ for example)
sbarhoumehAuthor Commented:
no complex passwords. admin's CAN connect no problem ,

non-admin users cannot
sbarhoumehAuthor Commented:
this part: "You may need to add allow all for all services,"
resolved the issue.

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