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How to remove a Dell HDD Password?

I have a user that has a Dell Inspiron 1764 laptop in which he has configured a HDD password yesterday and forgot it already.  I know this question has been asked 1000 times here, but I cannot figure it out.

My password cracking cd's do not even have a chance to start spinning before the HDD password request pops up.  I now have an PW error code to give to Dell , but I cannot prove ownership to them.  
                                        THE COMPLICATIONS:
1--- Owner speaks no english  I am using a neighbor as a translator,n who is not the brightest of the   halogens.

2---Owner bought the laptop thru a 3rd party, who used her credit card to buy it for him.

3---He does not know her name, for me to give to Dell, as the official purchaser.

4---Translator has no clue what I am talking about.  Nor do I know what he is saying.  Then regardibngn translations,  Dell >>>> oh well, you know what I mean about language barriers.  I am getting it from 3 sides.

How can I remove this pre-BIOS HDD PW, so I can set up this guy's laptop, as was originally requested?

Thank you in advance,
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sounds real dodgy lol

you can try the cmos reset trick i.e. take battery out - have a read of this

maybe contact dell, you would need the 3rd parties details possibly but if done properly 3rd party would of used the owner's name

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Thanks.  this is a laptop.  I am going to wait til tommorrow to see if the owner can come up with the person who bought it for him's,  name.  Otherwise, I* guess I am out of luck.  Unless one of you E#xperts comes up with a miracle.  See you in the late AM
laptops are more fiddlly opening up, desktops are so simple. I could understand you not wanting to try the cmos battery trick on a laptop.

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This does not look good does it guys?  I am going to phone Dell right away and get back to you all.

Dell refused my request for master hdd PW.  This is really complicated.  Original owner registered the laptop, put in a HDD PW, then sold the machine without ever using it.  He forgot the PW.  I tried to register this in my name and could not do so because of that.-----BLAH_BLAH_BLAH   I gave the laptop back and reccommended(by translator) that 2nd owner  take it back to the person who sold it to him.

" mrroonie"  sent me to a site totally unrelated to Dell,  that would be able to do the trick, but THIS laptop does not get far enough in the boot process to give me  the required info to receive the PW from these people.  Thank you for that suggestion.  It is a site that I will use often.

Anyways, The question is answered otherwise.  " you're knackered",  also by mrroonie  
Thanks for your assistance.  
That is a really good Wesite.  thank you.