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Free windows optimizer and registry cleaner

My desktop is too slow.  I am looking to optimize my windows OS.

I would like to find a free registry cleaner and Windows Optimizer or whatever someone recommends to optimize my windows performance.

More details about my computer  

Component Details Subscore Base score
Processor AMD Phenom(tm) 9100e Quad-Core Processor 5.7 3.6
  Determined by lowest subscore
Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB 5.9
Graphics ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics 3.6
Gaming graphics 1919 MB Total available graphics memory 3.7
Primary hard disk 222GB Free (586GB Total) 5.9
Windows Vista (TM) Home Premium

  Manufacturer Gateway
  Model DX4200-09
  Total amount of system memory 4.00 GB RAM
  System type 64-bit operating system
  Number of processor cores 4
  Total size of hard disk(s) 586 GB
  Disk partition (C:) 222 GB Free (586 GB Total)
  Media drive (D:) CD/DVD
  Media drive (E:) CD/DVDCD/DVD
  Media drive (J:) CD/DVDCD/DVDCD/DVD
  Display adapter type ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
  Total available graphics memory 1919 MB
        Dedicated graphics memory 256 MB
        Dedicated system memory 0 MB
        Shared system memory 1663 MB
  Display adapter driver version 8.762.0.0
  Primary monitor resolution 1440x900
  Secondary monitor resolution 1440x900
  DirectX version DirectX 10
  Network Adapter Marvell Yukon 88E8071 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller
  Network Adapter Microsoft Tun Miniport Adapter
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4 Solutions
well for me the first steps in cleaning is running a few things like

1. download freebie tool ccleaner http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner
    -> close all apps and browsers and run the clean
    -> use the registry cleaner within there
    -> check the startup using tools tab and disable those I feel are crap

2. defrag hard disk (windows has freebie tool)

3. system mechanic is the one tool I use more for registry defragging as well so do sometimes run that

4. ensure I have latest security updates to my antivirus and antimalware (malware bytes is 1st choice for me) and run them to clean any possible infections

5. ensure all windows updates have been done

your pc looks pretty high spec already but one question about hard disk, it looks like its just one partition? I normally partition hard disks, create one partition for windows and installed programs etc and one for data, personal stuff etc. You could try resizing partition within windows but strongly recommend you do a full backup of your stuff and read up on partitioning before you do anything
One of the laptops I bought came with vicious vista. 4gb ram core 2 duo but even then it hung with the spinning cursor quite a few times. It all went away with win7 upgrade. I hated vista, like with ribbons its one major cockup of ms (IMO).

Anyways there are a few other things you can do to try improve on it like disable aero eg http://www.connectedinternet.co.uk/2007/10/19/10-simple-ways-to-speed-up-windows-vista/
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Don't expect too much from "optimizing" Windows. Usually you get maybe 10% speed gain, no more. And if that is worth the effort is your decision. If a system has gotten slow by time, the only in fact promising approach is OS reinstall (on a formatted harddisk).
Further, be careful with Registry Cleaner! There is a real risk of breaking something, even with CCleaner. While it is good and recommended by many folks here, it does still remove registry entries, and maybe some are still needed without being obvious.

To really defragment a harddisk (which is recommended if highly fragmented, say each 3 months or so), I use a combination of different defraggers. The built-in is, ehm, not very sophisticated, but better than nothing. Use it, and then apply contig from www.sysinternals.com - that is a file defragger (not disk defragger), needs to be started in a DOS command prompt, and will defrag big files and files in use - both are ignored by the integrated defragger.
i have the same problem and believe me it was such a pain.... i used this free utility kind of like ccleaner but easier to use better looking and does way better job then ccleaner.... check itout and let us know what happened -  http://www.iobit.com/toolbox.html
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