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Restore from trash osx commandline

I actually deleted some files (Privateframeworks), so I can only boot to the commandline.
I can see the directory in .Trash.  Is there some command so that I can restore it
(I have tried mv, cp -r etc).

-Alternatively - how can I get to boot so I can use the finder, or make sure I have a backup of the directories in trash?

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What happened when you tried mv, cp -r, etc ?  
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for cp
bad filedescriptor, no such file or directory, unable to copy exyened attributes

for mv
Read-only filesystem
You do not automatically have a mounted volume and root access when you do a single user login. I think you can boot from the installer disk, run terminal from there and then use mv or cp.
Also, in single user boot:

/sbin/mount -wu

should mount the file system as read write
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Booting from the DVD, or connect the Mac to another Mac after booting in target mode (press T on startup) make good sense to me. Then start the Terminal.

It all the commands do not give the desired result, reinstalling the system ('archive and install option', or default option on 10.6) may be the quickest solution.
Actually these commands are actually shown when startup is finished.