Session Timeout in Classic ASP

Hello experts.

I am trying to increase the time on my forms pages so that folks have time to fill it all out and not get logged out when the session expires.  I am using Classic ASP, MySQL, VBScript on Godaddy's shared hosting on a II7 server.

I have tried both the methods but as none of them are working, I guess I am doing something wrong.

Method 1:        

<% Session.Timeout = 60 %>

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Method 2:      My web.config file has the following code:

        <httpErrors errorMode="Detailed" />
        <asp scriptErrorSentToBrowser="true"/>
        <customErrors mode="Off"/>
        <compilation debug="true"/>
	<sessionState timeout="60" mode="InProc"  /> 

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But none of these two methods are working as the pages are timing out after about 20 minutes.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Michel SakrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi driven13

The session timeout on Godaddy shared server is set to 20 minutes and cannot be ovverriden (obvious in order to preserve resources)

Check this confirmation from them on their support forum:

your next option would be to use AJAX in your pages in order to keep the session alive:

Hope this helps
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Not sure if it will work on IIS7 or not.
But I use this at the top of my pages

Session.Timeout = 60

That will be 60 minutes.

You can give it a shot and see if it works?

Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Should have sleep before I posted.

Sorry about that....
You have already tried it...
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you can try it in the IIS setup itself?? not sure if u will hav access..
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
This might be interesting reading for you here

Good Luck

Change the following time-outs in Internet Services Manager .Choose a value greater than the default of 20.
1. Select Default Web Site > Properties > Home Directory > Application Settings > Configuration > Options.
2. Enable the session state time-out and set the Session timeout for 60 minutes.
3. Select Application Pools > DefaultAppPool > Properties.
4. From the Performance tab under Idle timeout, set Shutdown worker processes after being idle for a value higher than 20.

The default session time-out setting on IIS is 20 minutes but it can be increased to a maximum of 24 hours or 1440 minutes. See Microsoft article Q233477 for details about increasing the timeout in IIS.


When returning to the logon page for Web Interface, users often encounter an Error: Your session with the web-server expired. You have been logged out.

Web Interface 2.0 picks up the session timeout setting from IIS.
driven13Author Commented:

As per my original post:

"...Godaddy's shared hosting on a II7 server."
Cannot access any of that on a shared hosting.
then update this post to Godaddy support, Only they can help you from server side. This is an issue from server side, They have to mange the IIS/Application pool settings in IIS6.0 / IIS7.0 or 7.5
driven13Author Commented:
This is not a server side issue even though this can be solved on the server.

My reason for posting here is to find a solution using session variables and scripting.  As I have noted the two methods have been used for the longest time.

Thanx for your input but I think I will wait and see if there are any other solutions to my problems from other folks.

Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
You might want to read this and check out post 5 - 7
Unless you have a dedicated server, then your sessions do not and will not last long.

There has been several people come across EE that I ask this exact question, and they have ended up going with a cookie based solution as GoDaddy will not work with you unless you have a dedicated server with them.

Good Luck, and I hope that you do find a solution in scripting, but I do not think that you will.
BUT, you might.,

driven13Author Commented:

I read your article when you posted it the first time.  It is a three-year old article.  And I am HOPING someone has figured out solution in the last three years.

Thanx for your input but I am going to wait and see if someone has any other thoughts on this.
Abiel de GrootDeveloperCommented:

A while back IIS configuration of base values were store in the Server METAbase file.

Shared hosting would have max limits set not only for Session timeout but even max upload sizes. IIS7 has evolved since MEATAbase days, however, for sure the principal still exists. Individual users can manipulate server resources only within given parameters.

ajax route. its probably your only real option. have ajax calla  page every 10 min or so to be safe.
Abiel de GrootDeveloperCommented:
Remember, there are real reasons for limiting Session times. If you have large number of users you could experience slow server responses etc.

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