Sound problem over hdmi

Hello guys,
i am experiencing sound over hdmi problems.

my configuration is as follows:
SAMSUNG HT-TZ222R home theater (incl. dvd player) hooked up to SHARP LC-40LX705 LED TV via hdmi, Western Digital HD TV Live hooked up to the TV via hdmi as well. while playing DVD, sound is heard from the speakers wihout a problem. But, while playing from WD HD TV live, no sound comes from the speakers, although the TV is set to feed sound from HDMI2 (via dvd player).

this most likely makes much more sense:

TV -----HDMI2----> DVD -----> speakers
TV -----HDMI3----> WD HD TV Live

WD HD TV Live has visual, but no sound over home theater. when i set the TV to use it's own speakers, sound is heard from the tv without any problems.

what do you guys suggest, can the tv feed the sound retrieved from hdmi3 to hdmi2 over speakers or not?
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DaBagBoyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
oops, in reading more about your AVR the  SAMSUNG HT-TZ222R

I couldn't find your specs online? but it looks like you may not have HDMI out so you cannot push that video signal to the TV in that manner.  is that true?  

That sort of explains why I found your setup so confusing....

Starting over I'm thinking you are correctly skipping your AVR and in running video from the the
WD HD TV Live ----> HDMI3 ----> TV
so what you need to do is run your audio "on it's own" since your TV doesn't want to send out the audio signal ?
assuming what I read about your WD HD Is correct here

If I were you I think 'd run the audio -
WD HD TV Live ---->  SPDIF Optical ----> AVR -----> Speaker wire---->Speakers

You'll get excelent 5.1 audio over SPDIF Optical, but may need to fiddle with the "delay" settings if the lip sync is off.
does that make sense?
I'm a bit confused? what amplifier or AVR are you using to drive the speakers?  

My guess is that the TV isn't sending audio out over HDMI at all.   Thus in your first scenario

TV -----HDMI2----> DVD -----> speakers
you are really sending video from
and audio travels from

thus in scenario two
video travels from
WD HD TV Live--->HDMI3---->TV
but audio has no path?


OK I googled this "SAMSUNG HT-TZ222R " and the best I can figure is that it is a HTIB (home theater in a box), making your issue a bit different than I'd guessed above

basicallly you will want to run your HDMI cables as follows (I'll use the generic AVR for "Audio Visual Receiver", your SAMSUNG HT-TZ222R) -

Audio will travel either -
TV---->HDMI2---->AVR---->Speaker wire---->Speakers
DVD---->HDMI3---->AVR---->Speaker wire---->Speakers
WD HD TV Live---->HDMI4---->AVR---->Speaker wire---->Speakers

Video will travel either -
WD HD TV Live---->HDMI4---->AVR---->HDMI1----->TV

In this example above I'm assuming that you only have the "TV Tuner" available to tune a TV station if you have cable or satellite TV you will instead us

Audio will travel either -
Cable/Sat bo---->HDMI2---->AVR---->Speaker wire---->Speakers
DVD---->HDMI3---->AVR---->Speaker wire---->Speakers
WD HD TV Live---->HDMI4---->AVR---->Speaker wire---->Speakers

Video will travel either -
Cable/Sat box---->HDMI2---->AVR---->HDMI1----->TV
WD HD TV Live---->HDMI4---->AVR---->HDMI1----->TV
tatar0900Author Commented:
hello dbb, thanks for your answer.

let me be clear.

first, Samsung is a home theater in a box. hence the configuration more clear is:

speakers -> speaker wire -> samsung dvd player / AVR(?) -> hdmi2 -> TV
WD HD TV Live -> hdmi3 -> TV
SAT box -> scart1 -> TV

SAT box and WD cannot be used with home theater speakers, but i want them to.

now - reading your second comment (i've started writing when i read your first comment), it makes much more sence, but, where in the AVR should i connect the cable from WD?
and second, excuse my ignorance, can you send a link to SPDIF Optical cable image have to use?

btw, considering there is no sound jack left in the AVR, won't I be able to use the sat box with home theater?

regards buddy.
tatar0900Author Commented:
btw, avr has 1 hdmi slot, so does wd hd tv live, TV has 4 of them.
thanks, regards.
First your description of wiring is confusing since you are running your arrows backwards....
Speakers don't send anything out over speaker wire
speakers -> speaker wire -> samsung dvd player / AVR(?) -> hdmi2 -> TV

should be shown as:
TV---->HDMI2--->AVR---->Speaker Wire---->Speakers
(I think that's what you meant)
ps: FWIW, Your arrows look good in describing the WD HD and SAT box setup ;-)

Here is a pic (I think of your WDHD box)

That middle jack is the SPDIF optical cable jack (labelled "Optical") there should be a similar (input) jack on your SAMSUNG HT-TZ222R I had a really hard time finding the specs or pictures of the back of that AVR. best I found was the pic here

you are correct that you may not have another input for the satellite box?

Sorry about that, but you might be in the market for another AVR....I just had to upgrade my old AVR to get HDMI input/output

if you want to take a look at the whole room/setup it is here....


tatar0900Author Commented:
hi, i guess you're right about the arrows thing, sorry about that.

you're correct, both the WD and AVR have that optical thingy.

is there a way to multiply that jack so i can plug-in sat box too?
I didn't think so but

tatar0900Author Commented:
thanks bro, regards.
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