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BGP 4-byte numbers in GNU ZEBRA

vaska94 asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-10
So I need to make a Linux based Router, i need BGP service
so can anybody tell me if GNU Zebra supports 4-byte AS Numbers?? if not can you recommend me another software ?
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There were however some bugs involved with it at the time of 0.99.10 so go for 0.99.17. 0.99.16 is probably in the repos as standard but I wouldn't recommend it. Have a look at the changelog.

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>There were however some bugs involved with it at the time

All software releases will have bugs, the author needs to review the release notes on the unresolved bugs to make a decision which release he will need to choose.

Yes. But I don't talk about bugs as in "not critical bugs". I talk about critical bugs. Sorry if that wasn't clear enough. AS4-bug with negative numbers and the stability issues with BGP comes to mind. But this is a "sort of" help-desk for users and it really don't hurt to point out to not use certain versions. But certainly, you should use the latest stable version (what ever that is in quagga) and it is up to the user to be informed.

As a side note. We build routers and sell them with quagga as the routing software. We often can't use the latest (due to not being tested enough in house). We mostly use version latest-1with some patches. Today this is 0.99.16 and becoming 0.99.17 within a couple of weeks.

So. Back to original question. Use quagga version 0.99.17 for AS4.
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>Sorry if that wasn't clear enough.
no need to apologize, just making a statement that the author needs to review the release notes to review what version will be best for him; we can recommend any version all day, but at the end of the day, the author needs to evaluate the versions and make the decision based on what he is running in his environment.

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