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VFP - Restore strategy

Hi Experts

Accordingly the backup strategy you've gave before, do you have any restore strategy using the .zip file  formed in a daily basis ?

Thanks in advance !
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Cyril Joudieh
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Very clear
Hello, Cyril

I don't know why the restore started to give an error (and it worked fine before) the directory is correctly created like before, but signs : File already exists...

If you prefer I could open another question...

Thanks in advance

It looks like you are using XP and don't have Acces Privileges problems.

And cDirectory is by date and time so it's a new directory and the files are not there.

Can you please try it if you hard code:
cDirectory is your temporary folder
"C:\Documents And Settings\<username>\...\Temp\TestDir"
Maybe your system is controlling something like Access Privileges and not letting the file to be copied and the error is misleading.

I couldn't do it yet but I will as soon as possible.

Amazingly it's run fine before and the OS had no new configuration done.


I've tried with no success... very strange.

What could it be... it was pretty good and the OS/ machine is pretty the same...

Thanks !
Please open the compressed file in Windows Explorer and drag the files inside to the directory cDirectory. See if you can do it manually.

In the hurry I've introduced an error before the process itself so the error it's misunderstood me.

COPY FILE &cDestination TO &lcdrive and had not configured correctly the variables before the process...

EFUERTE # Eduardo 23/09/2010 07:56:31 PM
ERROR() = 1
MESSAGE() = File 'c:\geccvfp\&cdestination' does not exist.
MESSAGE(1) = COPY FILE &cDestination TO &lcdrive
LINE() = 56
LINE(1) = 56

Call Stack Level = 1
Current program filename= c:\geccvfp\main.fxp
Module or Object name= main
Module or Object Source filename= c:\geccvfp\main.prg
Line number in the object source file= 426
Source line contents= Read Events
Call Stack Level = 2
Current program filename= c:\geccvfp\rst_dbf2.fxp
Module or Object name= ON...
Module or Object Source filename= c:\geccvfp\rst_dbf2.prg
Line number in the object source file= 56
Source line contents=       COPY FILE &cDestination TO &lcdrive

Thanks for your patience in help me !

You are welcome!