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Apple Airport Extreme Multiple Access Points

I am setting up 3 Apple Airport Extremes. I have a couple of questions that I am not sure about the answers. All the units will be plugged into a switch. There are about 10 x 24 port switches. DHCP will be issued  by an appliance.

Is it possible to have all on the same channel?
Is it best to have separate SSID's  for each or have them all setup with one SSID
How should I set them up as a Main, Remote or Relay when they are hardwired into the switches if I want the  SSID to be common between them?

I am looking for the best configuration for performance.
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You will have no problems with them all using the same SSID, not too sure about the channel, but I don't believe that would cause any problems

Think of an AP as a hub, your performance will decrease as more users connct and do things etc

but by the sounds of it, you have a good setup to implement here, but have you thought about the security? or is that not too much of an issue?
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Wireless security will be setup as WPA-TKIP. Do you have any other suggestions?
In terms of security, make sure you use a secure password, I tend to use passphases, something like

Easy to remember, had to guess, but also make sure you have a unique SSID as well

With WPA and WPA2 they the password with the SSID to create a salt, and this is what hackers attempt to break in order to get the password for the network
I would probably enabled MAC address filtering as well, and that is another layer of security, without going the full raidus whiich would be overkill for most situations
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Thanks for the useful information.
EdTechy, can I cannect the Apple AP' from their Ethernet port into Network Switch? Do I need to set one as main and other as relays,remotes, r is it as simple giving all of them the same SSID and each with the same WPA-PSK keys?
You just need to connect to the switch with the WAN port and give same ssid and key. No need to relay them unless you need to extend the network past a point where you cannot plug an airport into ethernet.
What about dhcp? The firewall issues ip addresses to the hardwired clients. Will the wireless client receive ip addresses through the wan?
yes. no problem. I don't think there is really any difference between the wan and lan ports other than the name.
If one of the windows laptops had a virus. Is there a wireless access point on the market that will automatically block that computer from accessing the wireless?
Unless you have a very good Anti Virus that can control your network adapters, then no
There may be a firewall with inbuilt anti virus like some versions of zone alarm, that can block access to networks, but you will still be able to connect, you jsut won't be able to communitcate with it