How do i set exchange 2007 to delete mail older than 30 days but for only one mailbox

I have a archive mailbox which mail goes to I need to keep the mail for one month before it gets deleted. I have set up a managed folder mailbox policy and added it into the mailbox settings messaging records management but yet i still have 160k+ mail in the box going back to 12/5/2010 can someone help?
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your trigger action is "when moved"
is something moving the messages into a folder? you may want to update this setting to WhenDelivered
go into server configuration, mailbox, and view the properties of your mailbox server
go to the messaging records management tab
make sure you have a schedule created
HBPROCKAuthor Commented:
I have just put the schedule in for mon-sat-2300-00.00 how long does it take to take effect
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you can run the following on the server for a manual start
HBPROCKAuthor Commented:
This wont run from a cmd is there somewhere specific i should be running it? Also because the schedule is so broad shouldnt it be running now?
that should be run from the exch management shell
make sure the microsoft exchange mailbox assistants service is running
check the application log for events from this source
HBPROCKAuthor Commented:
started the managed folder assistant and the service was already running but the command didnt reduce my mailbox size at all there is still 160k+mail going back to may where my rule states that it should delete the mail after 30days
can you post the following results
get-mailbox user | fl manage*

then run
Get-ManagedFolderMailboxPolicy | fl Manage*

then run the following for each managedfolderlink
Get-ManagedContentSettings | fl
HBPROCKAuthor Commented:
managedfoldermailboxpolicy : journal account delete email over 30 days

managedfolderlinks : <remove mail over 30 days>

messageclassdisplayname : all mailbox content
messageclass : *
description: managed content settings
retentionenabled : true
retentionaction : permanentlydelete
agelimitforretention :
triggerforretention: when moved
messageformatforjournaling : usetnef
journalingenabled: false
addressforjournaling :
managedfolder:remove mail over 30 days
managedfoldername: remove mail over 30 days
exchangeversion : 0.1 <8.0.535.0>
name : delete email over 30 days
distinguisedname: cn=delete email over 30 days, cn= remove mail over 30 days, cn=elc folders container, cn=first organization, cn=microsoft exchange, cn=services, cn=configuration, dc=escapefitness, dc=local
identity : delete email over 30 days
guid: 41dc76fa-8aac-4427-8ef5-3fde50460bff
objectcategory: escapefitness.local/configuration/schema/ms-esch-elc-content-settings
objectcalss: {top, msexchelccontentsettings}
whenchanged :13/09/2010 15:07:11
when created: 12/5/2010 10.44.31
originatingserver :sbs2008.escapefitness.local
isvalid : true
HBPROCKAuthor Commented:
this is a jornal email account where mail is journaled to that comes into and out of the information store the rule is meant to delete this mail once its over 30days old but the mail is still there way over 30 days, I have now changed it to when delivered. How long should it take for the mailbox to be emptied of the old mail? as its not changing yet
run "Start-ManagedFolderAssistant" to initiate it
check the app log for events
it will take a few minutes to remove that many messages
HBPROCKAuthor Commented:
Endital1097 was very helpful and has a strong knowledge of the product
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