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Hey guys,

The parent company just asked me to change the screen saver on the whole company to a new company screen saver that has been generated. How do i do this? How can I force the screensaver to all my remote and local users?? GPO??
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GPO is going to be the easiest way if you are familiar with creating them.  Here is the section you are looking for in the GPO Policy snap-in:

Local Computer Policy\User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Display

Set it to download in your login scripts.
1. Logon script to copy executable to the SYSTEM folder of each Workstation.
2. Define Administrative Templates in teh same policy used to copy files at login:
a. Control Panel/Personalization
Enable screen saver   enabled
Force specific screen saver   Enabked
   Screen saver executable name   blahblahblah.scr
Password protect the screensaver   Enabled
Screen saver timeout   Enabled
   Number of seconds to wait to enable the screensaver
   Seconds:    900
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sbodnarAuthor Commented:
does anyone have a sample of the script that I can use to push out the screen saver?
I have a robocopy.exe install on all my domain computers and a shared drive that sync's up from the network drive.

With all files in same location as login script. I named mine ScreenSaver.bat


COPY "%0\..\SS.bmp" "%SYSTEMROOT%\System32" /Y
COPY "%0\..\SS.c1" "%SYSTEMROOT%\System32" /Y
COPY "%0\..\SS.c3" "%SYSTEMROOT%\System32" /Y
COPY "%0\..\SS.c4" "%SYSTEMROOT%\System32" /Y
COPY "%0\..\SS.exe" "%SYSTEMROOT%\System32" /Y
COPY "%0\..\SS.ico" "%SYSTEMROOT%\System32" /Y
COPY "%0\..\SS.ini" "%SYSTEMROOT%\System32" /Y
COPY "%0\..\SS.scr" "%SYSTEMROOT%\System32" /Y
COPY "%0\..\SS.swf" "%SYSTEMROOT%\System32" /Y


These are then copied to the correct locations and with the other settings from the Policy, teh ScreenSaver works by policy.
From your domain controller:

Start | Administrative Tools | Group Policy Management
Once in the snap-ip, right-click on the container you want the policy to apply to and click "Create and Link a GPO Here..."  
Name the GPO and it will appear in the list below the container.  Right-click on it and choose "Edit..."
Expand User Configuration | Administrative Templates | Control Panel | Display.
Now, in the right panel, double-click on "Screen saver executable name" and enter the full local path and name of the SCR file"
Configure the ramining settings as you wish.  
Next time any computer restarts, it will sync the policy from the DC and your settings are applied.
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