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Backup new files and replace changed files to an external hard drive in Windows 7 Professional

We have a Windows Pro 7 workstation with the following data drive (F:)

Can anyone recommend a solution that would backup all files on F: (as they are – not as a compressed backup file) to an external Hard drive (J:) automatically at the end of the day?  The program would add all new files and scan for and replace any changed files with the current version onto the external HD (J:) without having to re-backup everything.  Would also be great if the program had the capability to store older versions of changed files on the external HD and add a suffix to them (e.g. the newest version of mydocument.doc on the data drive (F:) would be saved to the external drive (J:) as mydocument.doc and the older version renamed “mydocument_ver_09_12_10.doc” )
The program should also provide a log of the files backed up, renamed and replaced.

I appreciate your help.

1 Solution
You could use shadow copying depending on your version, that way every version change to every file is copied to another disk.


You could checkout a backup program called toucan, as it supports differential backups and should do what you require.

    Five synchronisation modes, Copy, Mirror, Equalise, Move and Clean. These can be combined with a variety of file checks such as File Size, Modified Time and a File Header Check to minimise the amount of copying needed.
    Backup and restore in industry standard Zip, 7-Zip and GZip files, with support for complete backups, updating existing backups and differential backups, as well as restoring files from an archive. Automatic testing of created archives is also supported as is password protection.
    AES-256 encryption using ccrypt.
    A complete command line system allowing you to create new jobs and run existing ones from the command prompt or a batch file.
    A Rules system that allows you to easily exclude files based on their name, a regular expression, their modified date or file size.
    An advanced scripting system using the Lua programming language that allows complex scripts to be created, anything from a backup script that automatically uploads new backups to a script that synchronizes your files to a USB drive and then encrypts the sensitive files in case of loss.
    A large collect of in built Variables for basic functions such as the date and time or more complex variables that point to the drives label or documents directory. You can also define your own as short cuts to paths on your USB drive or your PC.
    Many other features such as support for the new Windows 7 taskbar, full drag and drop support and translations to many languages.
I use Comodo Backup for this purpose; It's a neat tool that offers the power to schedule backups for a specific time, when an external drive is plugged in, at log off, etc.  It offers the ability to do incremental backups (only files that have changed) or complete backups.  It is a free tool, so it won't cost you anything to try.  I'm not sure if it will be powerful enough to meet your needs, but it is certainly worth a peek.  

Check it out here:
jumptohighAuthor Commented:
Thank you

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