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create Sharepoint User Account with login & password

Is it possible to create just sharepoint user account & give permission with out creating user account in Active Directory
This sharepoint user account should have loginid & password. It should be separte from Ad accounts
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Sorry i am looking to create sharepoint User account just like sharepoint group separte from Active directory & i did nt found any thing in that form based authentication link
Here is a tutorial on how to create the storage database for FBA and how to configure it on SharePoint 2007:

Are you using SharePoint 2007 or 2010? On 2007, you are limited to one authentication type per zone.  If you have some content that you would like to have two authentication types for, you have to create a new zone for that content and setup the authentication for the second zone (  

cahpmanjw has the right answer.  Forms Based Authentication is your option if you want to create authentication for sharepoint that is not based in Active Directory.
Chapmanjw ,

Thanks again, It might be right but i will explain my requirements again to make sure.

My organization requires out side user (who is not working in our organization) to login our public sharepoint 2007 site & access only one of our intranet subsite.

So is it possible to just create userid & password for particular site, so that he or she get access to that particular subsite. with out creating account in AD.

Note : our sharepoint site changes to https://intranet when users sign in from public site
Yes, it is possible.

You have to have two separate zones of your SharePoint content.  One configured for Active Directory.  And the other configured for Forms Based Authentication.  You will have to create a new URL for the second zone that is publicly accessible (like
You mean to say extend the current site
Set AAM to extranet zone also authentication with form based
then follow steps in link provided by you
Yes, exactly :D
Hello Chapmanjw
So i was following the steps in link you provided

 But as per my scenario i am extending the webapplication instead of creating new webapplication as told in link
Ex: my http://dev:4999
to extended http://extranet:3699 to extranet zone.
but when i try to access the extended webapplication i n IE i get Ie Cannot display the webpage

I mean my extended webapplication is not accessiable , so something i missing after extending the webapplication
Did you do an IISRESET /noforce after extending the web application?
yes i did , but not immediatley but after changing web.config file
but there is no change, still same error
Just to be sure, you followed each of the steps here ( under "Extend an existing Web application"?
I deleted the previous Extended webapplication & recreated again new extended webappliction & changed host header name to extranet & port to 99.
 But when i browse in IE http://extranet:99/ i recive same error again

Does the application show up in your IIS Manager?
yes it shows in IIS manager  & also shows in AAM  as extranet zone. i did browse from Sharepoint 99 in IIS it has same error
Try removing the host header.
yes i did it for IIS website Sharepoint-99 properties-advanced-selecting defaul & edit removed the HOST header value
then i get following error

You have to do it on the web application setting in SharePoint central administration as well.
Sorry i am not sure in which location exactly in central admin
Might be simplest to remove the extended application and recreate it once more, this time with no host header.
you are awesome & how did you know that it is because host header
It took me a minute to remember, but I never, ever, use the host header setting in SharePoint.  I always setup the AAM afterwards, otherwise it has issues.
Now i  got to final stage i can see sign in option it was redirecting to intranet but doesnt show Form sign in , when tried to access the (http://dev:468) The extended webapplication in sharepoint designer i can see that now what i am missing to add in NavigateURl so that users get form sign in option.
<asp:LoginView runat="server">
<wssuc:Welcome id="explitLogout" runat="server"/>
<asp:HyperLink id="customSignInLink" CssClass="ms-globallinks" NavigateUrl=" " runat="server">Sign In</asp:HyperLink>