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Bridge call

Hey what does Bridge call means as my team team lead said I might have Bridge calls also. But I don't know, what is Bridge call and how to use Bridge call and when do we use Bridge call. I really appreciate your help. Thanks for your help and time in advance.
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A bridged call is typically one in which uses multiple lines to complete. As an example consider a call coming into a phone system and then being forwarded to a cell phone. The call comes into the telephone system on one trunk and leaves on another trunk to complete the call and these two trunks are now bridged together. Once the call is complete the bridge is taken down.

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Hey can you please explain in detail please as I am new for this. I really appreciate your help.
Ok to detail that a bit further. Your phone system will have "trunks" to connect to the Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN. These trunks could be channels on a digital circuit for example a T1, E1, or PRI circuit or they may just be analog phone lines. When a call comes in, one of these trunk lines is used for the incoming call. If the call is to an extension on your phone system, then the call connects from the trunk to the extension. If the call comes in to your phone system and is then forwarded to an external number, the call will have to leave the system again and uses another trunk to connect to the PSTN. This means the call comes in on one trunk and is bridged to another trunk to go out. There are some alternatives though. Some systems will handle this bridging by using 3 way calling. Thus the call comes in and leaves on the same trunk with the provider doing the bridging. In many areas this is frowned upon at best or even completely blocked. Thus the need to bridge calls on your system. Does this help?
Hey does this bridge calls I can do from my cell or do I need any special instrument for this.
I understood your question to be about the definition of a bridged call. It now sounds like I need to get more information about your system and what it is your are trying to do. What system are you using?
Hey what does trunks,PSTN means. And as a user what things do I need to know about bridge calls. How to make calls and receive calls.Does I make calls or someone else make a call and connect me. I am sorry its new technology so I am very confused about it. I really appreciate your time and help.
Check out these links for more information:


Trunk Lines
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That is what I am asking. Do I need to ask my office people instrument for bridge call or else my cell can be used as bridge call. anyway thanks a lot for your help guys.
I am not following what you are trying to do. A bridged call is done automatically when needed. You don't need any special equipment, instrument ot cell phone. Just make your normal calls.
So you mean from my regular cell phone also I can make bridge calls right.
Is bridge call is like conference call connecting more than 1 person on the call.
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