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Account locking source

I have a separate domain admin account that I use for admin functions, and since the last time I changed the password on it, it continually gets locked out.  I'm sure this is because I am logged in to a server somewhere, but I can't figure out where it is.  Is there any tool that I can use to see from which computer the old credentials are coming from?
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Check this link and the tools provided will help you find out where the lockout comes from.
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I already use the lockout status tool, which is great for unlocking the account, and it tells me from which DC the account was originally locked from, but I don't see anywhere where it tells me which computer the lockout came from.  I also added the dll for the extra information on the AD info screen, and while it is nice, it doesn't tell me what I want to know either.
It could be that you have a service or scheduled task set to use the old password (which is why MS recommend NEVER using a user account for these) - Check these and the event logs
Pretty sure I don't - I know what you are talking about, but we don't use user accounts for services or tasks.
- stored credentials for a shared drive or printer ?
Tried to filter event log for failed authentication ?
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You can also enable a more extensive logging :

or use LockoutStatus.exe and set NetLogon logging on the account.
a few ideas on service accounts you might have not thought you are using with your domain admin account.

Backup service account
Imaging Service account
SQL service account
LAN/WAN Monitoring service account
Task Schedule accounts
Shared Drive / Printer account
Asset Managment Software service account