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Connect windows VPN client to dd-wrt VPN PPTP Server

I'm trying to create a VPN solution for resiential client, I have a Linksys e2000 with dd-wrt install, I have configured the VPN server and I'm trying to connect using the native windows VPN client.The connection hangs with"verify user name and passowrd" then gets an error 619. The config on the router and client PC are both straight forward but I don't see what I'm missing.    
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Sometimes Windows Firewall or 3rd party anti-virus/spyware solutions block access to the VPN ports. Disable them temporarily to check if that's the issue.
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Firewalls are turned off on on the VPN Client PC  
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please follow the details:
1.first check whether the USER ID/PASSWORD is correct or not
2.check whether encryption is enabled or not
3. please tell which os you are using MS XP/WINDOWS 7
1. ID \ Password has been verified several times
2. Not sure if this is what you need, Client software "Data Encryption" set to Optional ecyription
3. Windows 7 pro is primary client but I'm getting same results from XP

I included screen shot of router and VPN Client
Don't you think you need to add your Internet (external) IP in the Server IP box? Do you have a static or dynamic IP from the ISP?
According to the to the dd-wrt doc it should be an IP on the internal network

Is your username and password syntax right?

 Username * Password *
 (username_to_use,blank space,asterisk,blank space,password_to_use,blank space,asterisk)
Yes I have checked it several times
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New line after login/pass record in CHAP-Secrets box is present?
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