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Windows 7 x64 network printing problems

Users who run Windows 7 Enterprise x64 in our network have trouble printing to our HP LaserJet M5035 MFP. Items will sit in the queue until the printer itself is power cycled and then items that were already in the queue will print. Any items added later will not print until the printer is power cycled once more. User running our other supporting operating systems (xp professional x86 and vista enterprise x86) do not have this problem. Furthermore, if a X64 win 7 machine is hooked directly to the printer via USB, it works fine.

Solutions tried:
installing 64-bit PCL 6 and PS drivers on print server (win server 2003 sp2) both by remote desktop and print mangement.mmc
installing 64-bit PCL 6 and PS driver on the local machine
installing HP universal print driver PCL 6 and PS on server both by remote desktop and print mangement.mmc
installing HP unviersal print driver PCL 6 and PS on local machine
creating a generic unviersial printer on local machine
connecting by USB, allowing PnP driver to load and then redirecting the port
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It seems like you tried all the drivers.  How about upgrading the firmware on the printer?

could you try one thing before hand, use a command prompt and telnet to the printer on its ip and port
presuming its port 9100

telnet 9100
once its connected you should see a black screen and when there type anything text and hit enter and close the window

see if anything come through on the network method. this is to test dumping text to the printer if it prints then its most likely a driver issue.

make sure you clear the queue and restart the print spooler first.
as Kurt suggested, they released Firmware 48.131.3 in June this year -  Also have you tried just restarting the Spooler service, rather than power-cycling the printers & also check you have enough disk space on your spooler drive - RAW data expands your print job so that 10MB word file can easily become 100MB???

if you also do not have a 64 bit 2003 Server, I'm not certain if you can load the 64 bit drivers into the OS/Print Server, unless they are exactly identical in name, you can only add additional drivers with the same name (HP have changed driver names in the past on x64 drivers).  You may find you need to replace your 32bit drivers with the latest version, and then re-import the 64bit ones - so the server shows under Printer Server options as having the x86 and x64 drivers ticked.

In my testing experience, we just pointed the Win 7 64bit systems to the printer Q on the old 2003 server, and when it comes back with 'i can't find any suitable driver', we then point it to the driver locations (on our file server), and it installs the right driver for Win 7 64bit, but points to the right printer, takes the settings, and works perfectly, but not ideal for mass roll-outs.  I just recently built a dedicated VM 2008 R2 print server, and rebuilt all my printer Q's and added the latest 32/64bit drivers.  I had to update some firmware on my MFD devices to get this to work.

Also check this MS article about hanging Q's -
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Thank you all for your help. Here is where the problem stands now:

I realized upon rereading my post I left a few of details out which may help to shed light. It is a 32-bit version of server 2003 sp2. The printer displays as "offline" on the 64-bit machines. The Win 7 64-bit machines print fine to all other printers. I meant to mention these things orginally, but forgot. My apologies.

Upgrading to firmware 48.131.3 seems to have no effect, however I haven't retried everything I tried orginally again

I can print using telnet

I didn't reboot the spooler service because the other printers are still in use

The spooler drive has over 17 GB free

The hanging queues article doesn't quite describe the problem because the documents do not display as "printing," their status remains blank.  

I couldn't find the exact place called "Printer Server options" to make sure both drivers were checked. I have successfully added x64 drivers on the server, however I could not associate them with the printer by going to printer properities>advanced and then changing the driver to the 64-bit version. When I try to remote into the server to this, it complains that it is not 32-bit, when i tried to use print manager mmc, it gives the error, strangely, that is not 64-bit.

I've never gotten the message "can't find any suitable driver." The printer is always loaded on to the machine, but then displays as offline and will not print unless the printer is rebooted.

IainNIX, I'm not sure I fully understood the "drivers need the identical name" section of your response and would benefit from some clarification.
This is how you should be adding the 64bit drivers to Win Server 2003

Go to Control Panel > Printers and Faxes > Click File Menu > Click Server Properties > Click Drivers Tab

From there you can Add\Remove Printer Drivers.
You don't say if it happens after the pc has resumed from sleep but if that is the case it's a known bug and is fixed by disabling hibernation.  open a command prompt and type: powercfg /hibernate off  and see if that solves your problem.
Thanks Kurt and Kpmartin for your further input.

The problem is not that the drivers will not copy to the server, both the 32-bit and 64-bit already display in the list Kurt just described. However, they will not associate with the HP LaserJet M5035 MFP, by right-clicking selecting printer properties' and browsing to the advanced tab.

The real problem is when the Win 7 x64 computer adds the printer over the network, it displays as offline and items hang in the print queue. When the printer is rebooted, the items print. Items sent after the reboot by the Win 7 x64 machines will hang in the queue again. Win 7 x64 machines work fine when plugged directly into the printer using a USB and with the rest of our printers. Win 7 x86 works over the network with the laserjet M5035 as do the rest of our deployed operating systems.

I looked into the known issues with hibernation and Windows 7 and they don’t seem to describe what we’re experiencing. The printer doesn’t disappear after hibernation; it simply is listed as offline immediately after being added. However, I did stumble upon an interesting post. It seems that consumer grade HP all-in-one printers have problems running in Win 7 until you update the HP Solution Center Software. Our printer doesn’t utilize this software and it would be a hassle to deploy Solution Center as a fix for this, but I tried running just the hotfix hoping that by some miracle it would fix something on the backend. It didn’t, but I can’t help but think that my problem could be related.
You could try having those workstations print directly to the printer via it's IP address rather than adding it from the server.  Go to the work stations and choose Install local printer then choose TCP/IP for the port and type the IP address of the printer.
Kurt's idea may work well.  Just FYI, when I was having the problem every day with one pc, the printer showed in the list but was as you described "offline".  Disabling hibernate fixed it and it remains online now.
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