Dell Monitor on Inspiron 570 Keeps Going Into Power Save Mode

I have a client who just bought a Dell Inspiron 570 desktop PC to replace his 6 y/o PC. I connected it to his Dell monitor and copied his files over. Everything seems to be OK except for one major problem. After about 30 to 40 min of use, the monitor will suddenly go into a Power Save mode even though the computer is actively being used. Tapping the keyboard or moving the mouse does not bring the monitor out of Power Save mode. Even pressing & holding down the power button on the computer will not shut it down. The only option available is to do a forced shutdown by unplugging the A/C cable from the outlet.

I called Dell tech support 2 times. 1st tech had me disable all power saving features in the Windows 7 control panel. That did not work. Called back and the 2nd tech had me go into system BIOS to change the ACPI mode from the default S3 to S1. That also did not work.

Do I have a defective system on my hands? I find it very odd that holding down the power button for 20 seconds or longer has no effect and the only way to power down is to unplug the A/C.

I feel this is a problem w/ the PC and not the monitor although we don't have a spare monitor available to prove this.
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Cesar AracenaConnect With a Mentor PHP EnthusiastCommented:
The problem with these suggestions is warranty. First make sure Dell allows you to open and add/replace components without loosing the warranty. Dell warranty is not the same in all Countries (most brands aren't). If you can, adding a separate (standalone) graphics card will probably solve your problems as stated above... if you can't do that, send the PC back for warranty.
Cesar AracenaPHP EnthusiastCommented:
Hi anuneznyc,

Try going into the BIOS settings again and find out what the power button should be doing (power, suspend, etc.). If its supposed to be shutting it down, then you have a failed motherboard which is the first component it jumpts into my mind for that failure.

Maybe it's a heating problem either from one of the motherboard's main components or the integrated grapics card which sound logic becouse of the monitor's shutting off.

Hope you find another component or setting that's failing that is easier, cheaper and faster to replace but nothing comes to my mind.
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>  I find it very odd that holding down the power button for 20 seconds or longer has no effect and the only way to power down is to unplug the A/C.    <<<  that certainly is not norrmal for a ny PC !
have it returned, repaired, or replaced !
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
This sounds like a problem with the video controller.  If the video controller is not integrated into the motherboard, you might try replacing it with another video card of compatible bus type.  If the problem goes away, then the original video card has some kind of problem in the display power management hardware.

If the video controller is integrated into the motherboard, then the only way to prove it is, or is not, the video controller is to RMA the system to Dell for replacement.

Regarding holding the power button down, this can indeed occur and depends on the Windows power settings.  Look in Control Panel / Power Options / Advanced.  There is an option for what to do when the power button is pressed.  If it is set to "Take no action" or "Ask me what to do", the power button can be held down indefinitely without apparent effect if the display is not working.
firstly find out problem is monitor or system(cpu,mother,board ,ram etc)

step1- first diassembly or pc.
step 2- only conect smps ,motherboard, ram,cpu, and monitor, and check system will run properly or not
step3 -if sytem  or montor again going to power save mode, problem is ur monitor
step 4- if not go to power save mode then connect hard disk drive,and restart the system,if monitor is again go in power save mode problem is ur os.and ram check it

It sounds to me like you have an graphics card overheating problem. Your monitor was fine before, and no its not. You need to get your graphics card checked out. If its under warranty, take it to dell, have them change the graphics card if its PCI-E, and if its onboard VGA, tell them to change the board.

Good luck,
any feedback please ??
anuneznycAuthor Commented:
My client spoke to Dell support and they determined there is a problem w/ the motherboard. They are sending him a new system unit.
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