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Redundant SBS 2008 server

I currently have one SBS 2008 Premium Server.

I need to setup a redundant solution.  The goal is that if one any reason I have a backup solution up and running within minutes.

Cost is not a primary concern when it comes to this solution.

We are planning on having another site for this server to run at.

I am looking for the Best thoughts.
3 Solutions
Option 1 (cheaper)
install server standard (or just hyper v ) and install hyper v then create a virtual machine and install sbs in that  that way you can have regular snapshots and a single virtual machine if you need  recover quickly on to different hardware

Option2 (lots of cash)
If your paranoid and have lots of cash I once played with a very nice setup
involving 2 servers running windows server 2008 and hyper-v  and a 3rd server providing ISCSI san the two servers were in a hyper-v failover cluster with shared storage (containing the virtual machines and the two servers were able to do a live migration if need be took a few seconds to start up the second server if the first one failed as it had the virtual machines stored on the ISCSI san  

a slightly cheaper version would be a singe server  with the virtual machine on a removable HDD and a second older or lower spec pc with with hyper-v or any virtual machine thats compatible with windows VHD (i think vmware and virtual box support it)
only thing id recommend is if you have massive exchange usage maybe you would want to use a passthrough disk  but this makes recovery more complicated
P.S. Im a hyper V fan its actually a really good product  and its free ad if you have sbs premium you get a free server standard license to use you hyper-v on (alternatively you can just install hyper-v without a host OS (its called hyper-v 2008 r2 ) but is command driven and you will need to connect to it from a windows 7 or vista pc with Hyper-v manager to get a GUI
a) what components are part of your redundancy plan ?
What are you trying to make resilient ?
... anything else ?

b) What scenarios are trying to get insurance for ?

You can have different flavors of solution depending on your plan and budget.

If you want email redundancy, you can have something called www.mxsave.com - they make sure they store your emails when your SBS server is down, and then deliver it back to you when it is back up.
Costs $5/month

File/Exchange availability - build a 2 node cluster ? >> cannot be done using sBS 2008

Please provide your ideas.
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tylermtechAuthor Commented:
I have ordered another Dell T410 Server.  Full blown system.

12GB of RAM
Xeon 5650
It was ordered with SBS Premium 08 again, but it sound like that is a bad idea since you cant have another SBS server in a forest.  

I am planning then on using the Server 08 license that comes with Premium to go on this redundant unit.

At the end of the day my goal is to have a seamless solution for the users that provides VPN, Exchange email, and Files access no matter the excuse.
Hyper v in a failover cluster  all you need is to add a san device  of some sort and 2 servers running hyper v and you sbs installation virtualized (use disk to vhd from Microsoft )and your sorted redundant everything

need more info let me know as there are a few option the more user friendly the more expensive but you can in theory do it win no extra licenses except for the sbs license you already have  you need 2 servers and a san device of some sort this can be a 3 basic server with software to emulate iscsi
one more thing alternatively buy the exact same server faster to restore to  or a second server only a little longer to restore as you will need to install the drivers again. and use lovely little pice of software called shadow protect  back up to a usb drive  and you can restore the entire system in the time it takes to transfer the data off the usb drive (usb3 is you in a hurry ) whole solution will cost you the price of the server  usb Hdd and $500 for the software

really worth you time to consider this software i honestly swear buy it for SBS server as the fastest way to restore
tylermtechAuthor Commented:

I like the sound of your first recommendation.  Thanks.  
However it is over my head.
I understand two servers, and a SAN.  Hyper V is foreign territory for me.

Any articles you recommend?

I wan to be clear, say Server A on-site goes down, services are then sent to Server B, seamlessly as far as clients go?
tylermtechAuthor Commented:
I found another service called DoubleTake for SBS 2008 that will allow full Failover over to another server with full SBS support
sorry was flooded with work for a wile
yes its seamless or almost seamless depending on how you set it up  you see the Virtual machine is stored on the san and the two server in a cluster running hyper v can run the virtual machine the downtime comes in th settings up of it weather its done automatically on the fly or if you do it manually both ways the down time is as long as it takes you to pause the machine and then start it on the other one   so don time if a few seconds (automatically) t a few min (manually)


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