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SQL medium question

First Table:
SSN, open_datetime, close_datetime, priority

Second Table:
ID, time, c_time, c_response, c_id

I need all the ssn, with an open date between 4/1/2010 and 4/30/2010, with a priority of 1 and need the c_response and time from table two.  Only problem is that second table has multiple records for the same c_id.  I need the first record of the second table based on c_id = SSN and c_time.

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try this query..

SELECT            f.SSN, f.open_datetime, f.close_datetime, Max(s.time) AS 'time', Max(c_response) AS 'response'
FROM            FirstTable f
INNER JOIN      SecondTable s ON s.c_id=f.SSN
WHERE            f.open_datetime between '4/1/2010' AND '4/30/2010' AND f.priority=1
GROUP BY       f.SSN, f.open_datetime, f.close_datetime
below query might be helpful.

;WITH Level1
      SELECT f.SSN
                  ,ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY s.c_id ORDER BY s.c_time ASC) AS RowNumber
      FROM FirstTable f
      INNER JOIN SecondTable s ON s.c_id=f.SSN
      WHERE (f.open_datetime between '4/1/2010' AND '4/30/2010' AND f.priority=1)
SELECT * FROM Level1 WHERE RowNumber = 1
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timexist, I would prefer in one query.

rushShah, I get the following error, "The text, ntext, and image data types are invalid in this subquery or aggregate expression".

it means you can't use c_response or c_time in aggregate function text, ntext or image datatype..

so try this CTE query & let me know if still there is an error..

    SELECT          f.SSN, f.open_datetime, f.close_datetime, Max(s.ID) AS 'ID'
	FROM            FirstTable f
	INNER JOIN      SecondTable s ON s.c_id=f.SSN
	WHERE           f.open_datetime between '4/1/2010' AND '4/30/2010' AND f.priority=1
	GROUP BY		f.SSN, f.open_datetime, f.close_datetime

SELECT	c.SSN, c.open_datetime, c.close_datetime, s.time AS 'time', c_response AS 'response'
INNER JOIN SecondTable s ON c.ID=s.ID

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