Cool titles/headings on website

Does anyone know how manages to use a custom font for their headings such as:

Flash & Flex Files from $1

Weekly Features

Free File!

etc, etc

It's not cufon because that cannot be selected and its not flash.. so how are they doing this?

Anyone know the technique?
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mreuringConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ever heard of @font-face? The problem with @font-face being that not all browsers are equal. But for a quickfix: has a large list of fonts that are legal to use as embedded fonts, as well as a generator to generate a css file and required font-formats based on your own ttf file (just make sure it's legal to do so).
Here's a more detailed explanation of the process:
All current browsers support loading fonts via css from a web server. It's a bit different how the font has to be supplied to each browser (server side), and there are of course licensing issues.

Google provides the Google Font API ( which allows of embedding from a list of open source fonts easily using this technique.
It looks to be complicated CSS.
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hubfubAuthor Commented:
is there a tutorial on how to do this?

The Google path looks good but I want to use my own fonts and don't want to refer to a third party CSS file
With Google, you use your own css but you can only use the hosted fonts of google.
hubfubAuthor Commented:
Why is there a ¿ in the font face code??
I read up on this a long time ago, but following the links through the whole mess I found back the relevant info here:

In short, it is there to make the correct version of your font is loading from your own website and doesn't accidentally get polluted by the local font-cache of the machine it is being rendered on.
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