Wireless laptop won’t connect to access point with 4 bar signal streght


I have wired problem with laptop wireless card (Acer Travel made TM5740g Windows 7 Pro) laptop wont connect to AP about 5 meter away from AP signal strength is 4 bars but when I move laptop to AP 1 meter away it will connect can move laptop back to desk it will work but cannot connect from my desk to ap so laptop only connects to ap when one meter way. Tired 5 different laptop form my desk hey all can connect signal strength is 4 bars but new laptop wont connect.

Any advice
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Sounds like a faulty wireless card or bad antenna connection in the laptop, to me. Is the laptop still under warranty?

By the way, the only channels you should use for 802.11g are 1, 6 and 11. Most wireless routers/APs default to channel 6... if you switch +/- 2 (i.e. channel 4 or channel 8) you will cause/get interference with other nearby stations that are correctly setup on channels 1 or 11 (or 6). Channel 4 interferes with channels 1 and 6; channel 8 interferes with channels 6 and 11.

You can run a free program like inSSIDer (http://metageek.net/products/inssider ) to look for nearby wireless stations that might cause interference-related disconnects, and that program will show you graphically how the channels overlap and cause interference with each other... but from the descriptions you've posted so far it sounds like a hardware problem. e.g. the card needs to be reseated in the slot, the antenna connection has come unplugged, there's something physically wrong with the antenna or its wiring, or something physically wrong with the card itself. Even if it passed all its tests at the factory, that doesn't mean something couldn't have come loose in the meantime (or even since delivery... I've seen WiFi cards come out of the slots from laptops being dropped, even though the drop did not hurt the hard drive enough to prevent booting).
Maybe you should check the drivers.
Jakob DigranesSenior ConsultantCommented:
is this the same AP - you only move laptop?
Windows 7 have rather aggressive power saving settings. Look into Control Panel - Power Options - Advcanced and set wireless card to maximum performance all the time

You might also check what channels the wireless runs on.
802.11b/g? what channels? try keeping it on channels below 12, i.e. channel 1 - 11
and also - try keeping it on channels 1, 6 or 11 as they're the only channels not interfering with others
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jacksch4820Author Commented:
yes same ap mut also tried laptop on different ap same problem only connect when 1 meter away from ap card is set to maximum performance channels is set to auto
So, i understand that ONLY your laptop have this issue, other laptops can connect in a normal way. have you rechecked the wireless card drivers? Are they especially built for W7?
A few things to try, now they might sound a bit off, but trust. they have fixed this issue many times before.

1. On AP Check you don't have MAC filter switched on (or check it's setup correctly)
2. On AP change the channel +2 or -2 from current.
3. On laptop delete wireless AP record and create again.
jacksch4820Author Commented:
@Doru_S yes only my laptop gives problem will try different drivers

@myhc  1. If MAC would be filtered laptop wouldn’t connect at all
              2. Tried all channels
              3. Did delete tap wlan AP record

Same problem
Jakob DigranesSenior ConsultantCommented:
but if you stay close to AP  wil the computer remain connected? or will it disconnect after some time?
What AP do you have?

jacksch4820Author Commented:
yes computer stays connected and when connected i can take it to my desk it will work fine

Tried 3 different AP's same shit  i think is a driver problem will check it out
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