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I'm encountering a strange issue on a network server running Forefront TMG 2010 and UAG2010.

I cannot access my internal SharePoint site. By browsing to 'mtssharepoint' via a browser it should load up our intranet but fails to do so on this server. Instead it goes out to the internet and fails to resolve the address. I can ping 'mtssharepoint' from this server and get a response with the IP address.

This server has an unfiltered IP and can browse to other sites unaffected.

The SharePoint site works absolutely fine everywhere else on the network and indeed on another server running TMG2010.

I'm trying to make SharePoint available externally by using UAG to publish it. It seems unable to access SharePoint even though I've followed the guide to the letter. I then came across the fact that the UAG server cant even browse to SharePoint internally so thouht I should get this resolved first to see if it helped with the UAG publishing of SharePoint externally.

Hope that all make sense :)
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You need to publish  the sharepoint within the UAG then, as this should give access to the sharepoint site, you should also define an exception for OWA within UAG 2010 and see if you can access these services.
Can you try and browse the site with the IP address rather than the URL?
Have you added this URL/IP in the bypass list of your proxy settings?
itmtsnAuthor Commented:
Same result when trying to browse by IP address - result is "The address is not valid"

Yep have added both IP and name into the bypass and it made no difference :(
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ok.. can u telnet to the server on port 80?
go to cmd...
telnet <ip address> 80
try 2 things

1. restart dns client service and try

2. Under Advanced TCP settings of your TCP/IP put an entry in "DNS suffix for this connection"

( DNS TAB of Advanced TCP/IP properties )
Is this server being used for anything other than security? The reason I ask is that it sounds as though you need to create an exception for the local LAN within the TMG2010 for the sharepoint site, as TMG will protect all network's ie external and internal network cards. Also worthwhile to check UAG2010 to see if there is an entry for the sharepoint site, as it may not be defined within the access rules, therefore blocking you from there.
itmtsnAuthor Commented:
@ ujitnos: It's Server 2008 so had to add the Telnet client. Tried what you suggested but it can't connect.

@ Collins23: Did that but no joy. By put an entry I take it you mean add mtssharepoint as the dns suffix in the box specified?

@ Dellmc: Nope just really going to be used to publish access to SharePoint externally. We also want to add file access and OWA at some point in the near future but started with SharePoint as that's the most urgent requirement.

It's strange that this happens on this server as we have another TMG2010 server and it works fine internally browsing to mtssharepoint. It's frustrating trying to configure UAG as there isn't a lot of useful information out there from people who have experienced similar issues.
itmtsnAuthor Commented:
I did some logging in UAG and tried to browse to the internal IP address of mtssharepoint. this was the result:

Failed Connection Attempt MTSUAG 14/09/2010 10:56:32
Log type: Firewall service
Status: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.  
Rule: [System] Allow all HTTP traffic from Forefront TMG to all networks (for CRL downloads)
Source: Local Host (
Destination: Internal (
Protocol: HTTP
Take a look in IIS Manager.  Is the site started?  See if there is a conflicting port.  If so, you can either add another IP address or change the port.
itmtsnAuthor Commented:
I logged a call with Microsoft. The issue was to do with network settings on the UAG server and the need for it to have an internal and external nic configured. Then UAG needed the SharePoint site's details so that it could access it internally.
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