where to install the terminal server licensing in 2008 hyper v install

Hey there, I have a box with 2008 server installed.  HyperV role is running and 2 virtual servers.  One server is a SBS2008 unit as a DC, and the other server is a 2008 server to be used as a terminal server.

WHere does the licensing server role get installed?  I got errors when initiating the role on the 2008 server box.

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scraaneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You instal the licensing server on the sbs2008
Nuno MartinsCommented:
You can install the terminal server licensing in the TS Server.
After you install the terminal server role you should have thre an option TS Licensing Manager.

In the Action menu you have there an option "Install Licensing".

Hope this will help you
bcameron70Author Commented:
Hmmmmmm....2 different answers
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technically you could install this on either server. But I would not install it on a server where USERS will have access to.
Nuno MartinsCommented:
You can install the service when ever u whant on the SBS or in the 2008 or in another server.
I sugest the TS because everything stays in the same place.
Nuno MartinsCommented:
scaane sorry but i desagree in one thing the users only acess if they have permissions to do so ;)
scraaneConnect With a Mentor Commented:

And accidents happen... Yes, they should only have access when you give permission. My opinion is better save than sorry. I've seen stranger things happen.

You also say that you would install everything on the TS to keep it together. Another way is to install it on the SBS to keep all your management together....
Nuno MartinsCommented:
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