Embed Information In Survey Link in Sharepoint

I am sending a link to a sharepoint survey that I created.  Specifically, when an IT tech closes a help desk ticket, a link is send out to a satisfaction survey.

Can I embed information in the link which is passed from the email to the survey?  For example, I would love to know which ticket # was the source for the survey.  I can generate a link which embeds the ticket # but I need that link to then put that information in the survey (perhaps as an answer to the first question).

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chapmanjwConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would recommend using InfoPath for your survey instead.  Using this tutorial, you can pass a query string with your ticket number to populate that field: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/infopath/archive/2007/02/26/passing-data-into-a-form-input-parameters.aspx

If you need help creating browser forms in InfoPath, there are plenty of online tutorials how to do such.
RPPreacherAuthor Commented:
Infopath is not an option since we are using BPOS hosted Sharepoint.
RPPreacherAuthor Commented:
The blog link was interesting; however, it looks like the coding would prohibit us from using BPOS Sharepoint.
RPPreacherAuthor Commented:
Not really a solution for Sharepoint and I feel like their is no solution but I'm feeling generous and wanted to throw you some points.
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