Cluster service won't start on one node of cluster, error 1067

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My apologies for re-posting something but nothing I've tried has helped so far.

I have 2, win 2k3 nodes in my cluster.   The one that won't start has a bunch of 1000 and 7031 errors.  when i try to start the service through the CLI or 'Services' I get the following message. "A system error has occurred" "the process terminated unexpectedly".

I get the same thing when adding the /fixquorum switch as suggested in this KB;  I also checked to make sure the driver was set to system and started per the KB.

I also verified the user account for the cluster service had the required rights per this KB;

I'm not sure what else to do.  Array Configuration Utility on the server can see the shared storage.

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How is the shared storage configured? FC/iSCSI? To what arrray configuration utility are you referring?


Array Configuration Utility is HP software that is used to manage storage.  We have a simple setup with 2 servers connected via SCSI to shared storage box.. (HP MSA500).  

Can each node see and access the quorum disk with the other node shut down?
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i won't be able to try that until after hours tonight.  i'll post the result in the morning.

Does the cluster service account have full control on the quorum and shared disks?
Had issues even when administrators have FC, added CSA issue went away (for us).


To answer above questions:
1. can each node see  and access the quorum disk with the other node shut down?
Even with the 2nd node shut down the problem node can't access either of the 2 disks.  They are visible through the HP Array Config Utility but windows only sees drives with no information.

maybe it's less a cluster issue and more of a hardware issue.  I'm more confused than before.

2. Does the cluster service have full control on the quorum and shared disks?  the CSA is a member of domain admins but I can't access the storage to see.

The CSA does not need to be apart of domain admins, does need to be a local admin on each node...
With good node down and rebooting the problem node, does it pickup the disks then?

Any events in the system log?
Hardware changes?


a few different errors in the system log.

7031 and 1000 on 1 node

on the other node I've got:
1069, Cluster resource 'Disk Q:' in Resource Group 'Cluster Group' failed.
1066, Cluster disk resource "Disk Q:" is corrupt. Run 'ChkDsk /F' to repair problems. The volume name for this resource is "\\?\Volume{7a15e43a-a19f-11df-b7e4-001438bde4f4}\".
 If available, ChkDsk output will be in the file "C:\WINDOWS\Cluster\ChkDsk_Disk4_Sig8B2E1C25.log".
 ChkDsk may write information to the Application Event Log with Event ID 26180.

I tried running chkdsk Q: /F but it fails with message "Can not open volume for direct access"

would I be better off getting rid of the cluster, getting it working on 1 node and then recreate the Q volume?

See MS's note re the 1069:

the cluster was at a remote location but we brought in a local tech.  the problem was due to a corrupt database.

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