Exchange 2010 Logs FILLING up daily right after backup completes

We have a new Exchange 2010 server running on Server 2008 R2 on a Dell T610 which running VMware with 3 other Server 2008 R2 systems. Nearly 45 email accounts were exported out of the old SBS 2003 system into PST files them imported into the new Exchange 2010.
It’s been almost a week and both the desktops and laptops have all been updated and each client system says that files are updated and current.
We are using Symantec Backup Exec 2010-R2 with a Dell Power Vault 110T LTO-3 tape drive.
We also have a backup server with 2TB of disk space for other Data backups.

The Exchange logs are growing in excess of 90GBs per every 3-4 hours just one file after another in the
Each file is 1024 KB in size and we have a 100 GB partition setup just for the logs which for which we are having to run backups every 2 hours to clear the folder and avoid the Exchange Store from dismounting.
Log files are named all like: E02000F9B8E.LOG and all are 1024KB

I have checked all the client computers that are local to the domain and nothing alarming was found.
What could be causing 90+ GB’s of log file to accumulate every 2-3 hours with only 45 users?

 Thank you!
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sunnyc7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I am trying to run the BP Analyzer but the options seem to be either not functioning of they are greyed out....I may not have the rights to run it?
>> When was the last time you did a full virus scan on exchange ?
What real-time A/V are you using ?
looping emails
corrupt email in sent item
mass spam

a) did you exclude exchange directories from anti-spam scan
b) what anti-spam software are you using.
c) can you run the bpa report and upload it here

Open exchange > toolbox > best practices analyzer
run a health scan
export report as html
upload it here

Magothytech1Author Commented:
Thanks Sunnyc7:

 I am trying to run the BP Analyzer but the options seem to be either not functioning of they are greyed out....I may not have the rights to run it?

I'm logged in as Admin??
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Magothytech1Author Commented:
Are mail filtering is being done by a new source and it is:

MX Logic
Magothytech1Author Commented:
I was able to retrieve this: Not sure if it's any help though.

Summary: 3 item(s). 3 succeeded, 0 failed.
Elapsed time: 00:00:05

Read file

Exchange Management Shell command completed:
Read binary stream from the file 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\bin\ExBPA.StayingInformed.Config.xml'.

Elapsed Time: 00:00:00

Collect Organizational Health Data

Exchange Management Shell command completed:
Test-SystemHealth -ConfigurationData '<Binary Data>' -OutData

Elapsed Time: 00:00:05

Save Organizational Health Data

Exchange Management Shell command completed:
Set-OrganizationConfig -OrganizationSummary 'TotalExchangeServers,1,False','TotalMailboxServers,1,False','TotalUMServers,0,False','TotalClientAccessServers,1,False','TotalTransportServers,1,False','TotalCALMailboxes,54,False','EnterpriseCALs,0,False','StandardCALs,54,False','TotalJounalingUser,0,False','TotalDatabases,3,False','TotalDatabasesCopy,2,False','TotalDatabasesCopyUnhealthy,0,False','Total2009ExchangeServers,1,False','Total2007ExchangeServers,0,False','Total2003ExchangeServers,0,False','TotalUnlicensedExchangeServers,0,False','TotalRecipients,63,False','TotalMailboxes,54,False','TotalDistributionGroups,8,False','TotalDynamicDistributionGroups,0,False','TotalMailContacts,0,False','TotalMailUsers,0,False','TotalLegacyMailbox,0,False','TotalMessagingRecordManagementUser,0,False','TotalUnifiedMessagingUser,0,False','TotalOWAUser,55,False','TotalActiveSyncUser,55,False','TotalMAPIUser,55,False','TotalPOP3User,55,False','TotalIMAP4User,55,False'

Elapsed Time: 00:00:00

is this behavior also happening at night when your users are not connected ?

can you dismount the store for maybe 1/2 an hour and monitor your email queue ? if you have nothing then it is probably not incoming spam
AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
please also download the Exchange User Monitor you will be able to track any anormal activity at a user lever
Magothytech1Author Commented:
Thank you guys for each of the suggestions, they were all helpful and especially useful for future diagnostic testing.
As it turned out it we had a single PC that was remotely connected via a VPN link and it was still on the old domain with a valid email address and Outlook was open during the 3 day period that this was happening.
Not sure I understand why but when that single PC was added to the new domain and the Outlook profile was rebuild accordingly the logs files restored to a normal and expected rate. IO had never seen this type of log-file behavior before and will have to continue to monitor the system to ensure that this single PC was indeed the source.
Thanks again for the pointing us in the right direction.


This behavior was happening during the day time and seemed not to be happening over night.

We are using Symantec Endpoint AV protection and the entire system was scanned just before the migration to the new server.

Magothytech1Author Commented:
Thank you
Thanks for coming back and explaining the scenario.
It would have been really hard to guess this..

Will keep this in mind in future.
Thanks :)
Magothytech1Author Commented:
Yes you're right...doesn't make sense, but yet it has seemed to be the resolution thus far.
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