Word 2003 to PDF

I received a document that I need to print to a pdf format.   I have done this dozens of time using Adobe Acrobat.

For some reason, on this particular document, when I view the pdf I create, everything comes across but the pictures.     Am I doing something wrong.   Is there a setting that I have missed?

Any ideas?
Gary Fuqua, CISSPOwnerAsked:
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Usama FoadConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
May be the problem is in the word not in Adobe. Make sure printing picture is selected in options.

Tools ---> Options ---> Print
Then mark
1- Drawing Objects
2- Background colors and images
I have no idea either but i stopped using Adobe Acrobat a long time ago, go download the Office 2003 Save to PDF plug-in.  You can Bing it or Google it.  Then after you install it, when you save a document. just change the extension to PDF and see if that fixes your issue.  Good Luck.
Gary Fuqua, CISSPOwnerAuthor Commented:
That was it.   Thanks!
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