redgate mysql compare how do I connect to two remotely hosted databases?

I have shared hosting apache php 4.4.8 mysql 4.1.22.

I want to compare the structure using redgate's mysql compare.  How do I connect to these dbs?  Is there a port I need to specify?  It is even possible?

Thanks, I don't know too much about apache.
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tlovieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The screenshot shows that you have to enter the login credentials for both databases.  In the example, you put in the server/port combination.  You'd have to probably configure MySql to use TCP sockets, rather than unix pipes.

other than that, red-gates tools are incredbibly easy to use!!
I think that redgate's tools are for MS SQL Server version.  I'm not aware of their tools working on MYSQL

you could use I believe it has compare features
jackjohnson44Author Commented:
Also note that Red-gate's mysql compare is for Mysql version 5.0 and greater.
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