Use NAS locally

i have a synology ds210j nas..

basically this connects to a public network.. (a large university)... i want to plug this into my laptop but i dont want this thing to "stream" data over the public university. What i mean by that is i dont mind when i need to access folders and documents from another side of campus... that is possible.. but when im back in my room and and i have all my music etc... i dont want to stream it from my NAS over my schools network and draw a HUGE usage/bandwith to myself.

i have a switch in my room... is there anyway to locally route data from my computer and my nas which will both be plugged into the same switch so that it does not go over the schools entire network.. Instead it just goes through that switch and and never touches the school's network (for those large things?)

or any other ways i can basically locally connect my Nas?

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You can always connect directly to your NAS using your ethernet cable. (you may have to use static ip address)If both your laptop and your nas is connected using your local switch it will not "stream" your content over university switch.
ambush276Author Commented:
ok... i see what you are saying... and i guess this is likewise if i want to do this with multiple computers i get a swich and plug ethernet of computer a, computer b, and nas into switch and then set it all static and they can all connect?

that would be fine...

but here is where my question gets... like help needed..

ok so i have a 5 port switch

port 1 is ethernet from WAN
port 2 is NAS
port 3 is computer A
port 4 is computer B

i want to basically tell me computers to go to the NAS... when i am out of town or not in my room... i can still access the nas from anyhwere... but when i am back in the room etc etc... all my stuff is stored on the NAS.. so my computers would access the nas through the switch . I would not want this to go through the network because that much bandwith usage is problematic.. i would want it to route locally..

i guess it comes to this.. when i am using my NAS do i just physically unplug the port 1 ethernet from the switch and when i leave again plug port 1 back in??

or is there a way to route the data so i am not going through the networks only that tiny switch>?
Simple use a router

Plug your university/wan to the wan port and plug your computer a and b and nas in the lan port. You can use port forwarding when outside your room to access your nas.

When accessing locally your nas will not go through your university/wan plus you will get a dhcp server locally.
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ambush276Author Commented:
hmm... that sound like a good idea.. there is only one problem

my university allows internet based on MAC address..

so you register machines with it so it can work..

if i plug the wan into the router wont i need to get a MAC address for the router as well?

im not sure how that would work out? because the router reassigns IP"s ...

do i just need to plug in the mac address of my router and be good??
with almost every major brand router you can change the mac address of your wan port.

Your router will get your university IP/Gateway/DNS and will translate to you .

Hope it help.
ambush276Author Commented:
what do you mean change the mac address of wan port?
Like you said your university allow internet on MAC address, the router will allow to change his wan port mac address so you will be able to access internet through your university like it was your computer that was plugged.
ambush276Author Commented:
ahh so tell the university the MAC of the router? not the computer anymore?
you can actually clone your computer mac address to your wan port of your "future" router.
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