I am looking at using l2tpv3/pseudowire between 2 Datacentre as I require both subnets available in both datacentres.   Is there any advantage in using l2tpv3/pseudowire rather than creating layer 2 Vlan connectivity between the DC's.

The DC willl be connected via 1gb Les circuit
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surbabu140977Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Go the usual way then, don't need that extra overhead of CEF for pseudowire. Unless for learning, I personally prefer to go the standard way, always.

Single liner.."NO", it's not required.

Multi liner: Service providers  often use this to extend layer-2 circuits over their IP networks and the capability to transport MPLS Layer-3 VPN traffic, and the capability to transport IPv6 over an IPv4 backbone network. Will you be needing these??????

skywalker101Author Commented:
Nope just need to extend the lan across different sites
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