Enable Web Page to run on HTTPS


We have a glassfish server that run on http we now have to enable https and let the application run on https.

We already installed the certificates
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collins23Connect With a Mentor Commented:
which version of glassfish ? have you seen this ?

abooysen2Author Commented:
Version 2
svgmucConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to connect via https (ie. type the same URL as usual, just use https).
If it works, you're done.

Otherwise check

- if https is enabled in the server
- if the https virtual host is using the same document root
- if the documents don't enforce http

After you get it to work, decide if you want https enforced or both options enabled.
You can either enforce it through the scripts or through rewrite rules.
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abooysen2Author Commented:
when we start up our enviroment we get this error

java.net.BindException: Permission denied: 443
it appears another service is already listening on port 443.

you may need to change this port to something like 8443 ( assuming you are not using this port also )
abooysen2Author Commented:
it's working now. I check the port netstat -anp |grep 443 and used 8443 rather

abooysen2Author Commented:
Excellent guidelines
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