Application not showing up after an upgrade to presentation server 4.5 advanced

This weekend I upgraded the Citrix servers to version 4.5 advanced in order to be able to begin load balancing.  The RDP & Excel icons still show up when I look in the management console but we also had ESC desktop prior to this and it isn't showing up anymore.  The clients see it on their desktops and can log in to the farm with it but I cannot set up load balancing on it from the server because it isn't there.  If anyone has had this happen and knows how to fix it please let me know.  Thanks so much. Kim
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comptonkaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I only have two servers in the farm.  As I began to research how to add the second one I started seeing just how much the company who installed the first server did not do so I am running kind of blindly here.  The thing I don't understand is why the desktop app is not showing up in the management consoles but is showing up on the desks and is working when users click on it.  I was going to try and set up load balancing across the apps because they seem to be running slow.  
Hello Kim;

Have you tried to delete the published apps and re-add them again (add both servers for each application).   - The application should be installed on both servers to make this work.

How many servers do you have in the farm? and how are you trying to set load balancing?  

There is no really config when it comes to load balancing in Citrix other than adding both servers to each published application and the Citrix WI will automatically calculate the load for you.


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