Open another Users Shared Calendar

I have a Exchange 2010 Environment and have setup a Mailbox and want to share the calendar for all users to be able to read appointments on it.

I have gone to the Properties of the Calendar and Access is as follows:
Default - Reviewer
Anonymous - Reviewer
All Staff - Reviewer
Editor Group - Owner

When I go to the following link:

I get a HTTP 400 Bad Request Error, can anyone help.

I used:

as references
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StefanKampConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Consider the use of public folders within Microsoft Exchange, much easier manageable if the case is just a single-calendar sharing requirement; manage permission based on single users or groups, and it's available in OWA.
can you open the shared calender from an outlook client??
Open the active directoy MMC, browse to the calendar-account, open tab "exchange advanced", then "mailbox rights", add the users who needs access by allowing "read" and "full mailbox access". See what happens, take into account that (if this is the chosen solution), that the users would have full access to that mailbox, including calendar- and mailbox items.
andrewjones1987Author Commented:
Users can open the calendar from outlook client, but I would like them to use owa for this as outlook is not installed everywhere.

I can try and give them full permissions, but I only want specific users to be able to add / modify calendar items and everyone else to just view them.

Maybe you are trying to access another user's calendar inadvertently.  Also double check on your setup.
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