Looking to sync public folder contacts with users contacts


we have an Exchange 2007 environment with users running Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007.  All of our company contacts are in a public folder for everyone to view, but obviously only the public folder gets updated and our clients (300) never get updated unless they copy/paste themselves.

We are looking for an enterprise solution for syncing contacts only, we dont need a huge CRM suite or anything, just contacts.  

What kids of options do we have?


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ProfessorBindokasConnect With a Mentor Commented:

There are quite a few links to tools to do just that on this page:  http://www.slipstick.com/outlook/sync-mail.asp

Of the choices on that page, have only used one myself:  http://www.infoware.ca/content/infoframe.htm?tcon.asp   No complaints on it, functional, a bit ugly interface wise, though.  Was around 50 USD per user, but only used for marketing staff, so overall investment was small.
Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
you can set the Public Folder Contacts as an address book in Outlook.  That way staff can select addressee direct and you can set which users/groups can update the PF.

PloteAuthor Commented:
Some options were given, im still researching other 3rd party applications.
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