SSIS How to move a list of files from FTP to Local machine

Hi expert ;

I have an FTP site that receives multiple files per day. I need to connect to the site, pull all the files ( transfert the files from FTP site to my local machine), and move the files to an local Archive folder and finaly delete the FTP site files

How to do that using SSIS if any script can you please provide it me with C#

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Reza RadConnect With a Mentor Consultant, TrainerCommented:
simply just you need to use FTP task
set operation as Retrieve files
set local directory
set remote path.
the only note here is that you should use mask for remote path. for example if you want to get all files you *.* at the end of remote path.
look at attachment ...

FatehbourghoudAuthor Commented:
Verry stisfied by reza services

Reza RadConsultant, TrainerCommented:
Glad to help,
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