Desktop Background (Wallpaper) not visible on WIndows Server 2003 through Remote Desktop

I know it is a silly and trivial thing, but I would like to be able to see the Desktop Background (Wallpaper) on a Windows Server 2003 system through Remote Desktop. I have the option enabled on the experience tab, and it worked at first, but now I just see the good ole' blue background.

I kind of like having a specific background so that at a glance, I know what "desktop" I am working on.

By the way, the connection is made using Logmein Hamachi, then the Remote Desktop Connection can be made from anywhere.

The computer I am connecting with is a laptop running MS XP Pro SP3.

Security is not really an issue, this is just for a testing/learning envirionment.

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ragnarok89Connect With a Mentor Commented:
How about the following GPO:

Local Computer Policy | Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Terminal Services | Enforce Removal of Remote Desktop Wallpaper group policy.
start, run, type mstsc
Click options
Click experience tab
Click desktop background.


I suspect that your Remote Desktop Connection is not connecting to the console session of the server.

try connecting to    servername /admin

or if you do it from the command line:   mstsc /admin /v:server_name

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SmizzongAuthor Commented:
Ken2421: the setting is already checked. it did work when I initially set the background, but after logging out (closing connection) and logging back in, the background is no longer visible - only the standard blue background - Thanks - smizz.
SmizzongAuthor Commented:

i used your command from the run box, using the ip address as the "server_name".

connected successfully, but no dice. the background is good ole' blue.

Thanks - smizz.
SmizzongAuthor Commented:

Thanks for another possible option. I will check it out.
SmizzongAuthor Commented:
PERFECT! Thanks! Even though it is a little trival, it feels great to find the solution! MS Server 2003 by default, even though it is not configured, will not display the background to a terminal services logged in client. Thanks for helping - great job! - Smizzong
SmizzongAuthor Commented:
P.S. - the policy is set on the server (or machine you are logging into)
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