Monitoring router mikrotik by snmp


I have router/wireless mikrotik I want monitory using Zabbix, I have configured Zabbix for connect mikrotik using snmp v1.  

I have create a item for mikrotik called CPUINFO for monitory CPU use,  the OID cpu-load is . , the key is ifOutOctets1 , but nothing data collected. Somebody can help solve this problem ?

Thank very much
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aspenbrConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Yes , I get solution final for this resolve this problem . I create again the community for Routers

do you have snmp enabled on the mikrotik router?  look at snmp menu in winbox.  click 'settings' and make sure that 'enabled' checkbox is selected.

aspenbrAuthor Commented:
Yes, I did  

The problem is Zabbix doesn't get data of mikrotik , I have created a item but this item (cpuload) with right OID but don't work. Do you have idea how create item , because I can match his method with my .
aspenbrAuthor Commented:
I try find some solution on Internet . I haven't founded nothing solution .  Somebody have some idea ?
Can you walk the SNMP with some other tool just to verify it is working on your router?  

Have you tried running the snmp walk from the shell on your server to make sure your snmp installation is working on the server?
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