Cisco 881G LAN cannot see WAN

I have a newly configured 881G router with a 3G interface (Verizon). I can ping both LAN connections and WAN sites from "inside" the router but pinging any WAN site from the LAN side of the router fails. I am sure it is a configuration issue but don't know what. Can anyone help?
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You should post your running config in order to be able to troubleshoot your issues, however:

If I understand correctly your able to ping outside when your logged on to the router itself, you are not able to ping from any client behind the router to the WAN. I assume that the client are even not able to get a single packet outside the WAN interface, you are probably unable to browse the internet?

If so; probably an access-list issue or something else easily to be solved, check wheter the following commands are applied (i only write down what at least has to be configured, don't remove any other existing commands)

interface WAN1 (not sure which WAN interface is used on your router)
 ip nat outside
interface VLAN1
 ip nat inside
ip nat inside source route-map ANYNAMEMAP interface WAN1 overload
access-list 100 permit ip ''your-subnet" any
route-map ANYNAMEMAP permit 1
 match ip address 100
can you put a diagram for your scenario, and the show run, in order to check for errors?
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