Printing from Port Forward/Citrix

Hello all,

Have a printer issue.
Client of ours had a Citrix set up where they could print from a remote server to a local printer (Citrix ICA Micronet it is called).
However they had internet issues and the ISP had them factory default their modem losing all their port forward settings.

Now I rang their support and they said what is needed is to port forward ports 9100 and 9101 and it should print.
The modem/router is a Netcomm NB6PLUS4 and I have tried to forward those ports to the Printers IP address but with no success.

I have attached a picture of how it is set up at the moment, however the support says they cannot telnet to it and it doesn't work when trying to print.

I am actually not sure if I have set this up correctly, specifically the port for internal host

Would appreciate any help


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shikakaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The issue was the printers default gateway was different to the modems so it was accepting traffic but it was replying through a different gateway.
The internal host port should be port 9100 as well. and the internal IP should be that of either the Print Server. or the Printer itself (if it is a network printer) So assuming you printer, or print server's IP address is (as an example) you should have 2 port forward rules as follows:

Micronet Printer 9100 | ALL | TCP/UDP | 9100 | | 9100 |
Micronet Printer 9101 | ALL | TCP/UDP | 9101 | | 9101 |

After you have these rules in place, you should be able to print. If you want to test that the actual rules are working, then find the external "Public" IP address of your router (you could just browse to: from a PC inside the network), then telnet to it from a different network using the following command

telnet 9100
telnet 9101

You should get some sort of responce from one of, or even both of these ports.
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