osCommerce mixing customer and billing addresses

We have a osCommerse webshop which has gone crazy.
Nothing has really changed, but lately it has started to mix customer adresses with billing addresses.
The billing and delivery addresses are correct.
Is this a known bug in osCommerce?
I am sometimes wondering if there is some kind of cache problem which mixup a portion of data.
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Did you install any add-ons?
johanselinAuthor Commented:
Only a payment module which connects to a local payment service.
The application is standard and I think that problem occurs while registering user information.
First it did not happen.
Now it does.

Does it happen for every user?  If yes, then I don't think it is affecting registering user information only (as your old users are already registered).  If old user data is still correct and new user data is not correct, then you may be right about the registration data being the root cause.

Do you have a test site?  Can you remove the payment module and/or roll back to prior to adding it to see if the problem still presents itself?  If not, then you know it's the payment module.

Where exactly is it mixing addresses?  On the packing slip or in the order view itself?  Everywhere?
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johanselinAuthor Commented:
This error occurs for about 50% of all our orders, and the problem is that we can not re-create the failure.
The customer picks the products, create the account and then complet the payment.
When we receive the "order process" notification via email we can see that the Billing and the delivery address is correct, but the customer address in the table [orders] missmatch.
Could osCommerce temporarily store old data from one client used by another client?
Sometimes osCommerce also store wrong data in the table  [customers]
Are there any table which needs to be cleaned up?
The table [customers_info] is empty. This table also gives me an error message as I browse with a db-explorer. "Invalid field name of customers_info_date_of_last_log"
johanselinAuthor Commented:
This might give you a hint.
One thing which crossed my mind is that a friend of mine went to the web-shop and as "already logged in" as another user.
He could view customers data.
Can osCommerce share a login session?
johanselinAuthor Commented:
This might give you a hint.
One thing which crossed my mind is that a friend of mine went to the web-shop and as "already logged in" as another user.
He could view customers data.
Can osCommerce share a login session?
Wow.  Not that I'm aware of.  I'd be really concerned about that.  You probably aren't storing CC info on your site, but having users see the address of other users is not good, eh?

So back to the problem at hand.

What payment modules do you have installed?  Do you notice this happening only on one vs. the other.  

How old is your osCommerce install?
johanselinAuthor Commented:
1. The payment modules installed are PayPal and DIBS.
2. The installation is about 10 months old.

What is a CC?

Are there any session properties to be set.
Session Directory        = /tmp         
Force Cookie Use       = False       
Check SSL Session ID       = True  (was false yesterday)      
Check User Agent       = True  (was false yesterday)       
Check IP Address       = False       
Prevent Spider Sessions = True       
Recreate Session = True (was false yesterday)

I have desperately change some session settings do solve this.
johanselinAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the information.
I guess i found the problem.
When i turned on the session properties as above it all seems to work.
I also deleted all data in the session table.

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