Citrix MetaFrame Issue - Entered Credentials Incorrect

I have recently upgraded my client from Server 2003 Domain to SBS 2008.

They have a mix of Wyse S10 Terminals and Win XP workstations running Citrix Program Neighbourhood.  I have made no changes to the Citrix configs or farms, yet the Wyse terminals can logon ok, but the Win XP machines get the "Entered Credentials are incorrect" error.

When I try to log them in to the TS directly they get the error "you do have access to logon to this session"

The Terminal Servers are Win 2k.

The S10 terminals log in ok

I need to get the 3 or 4 users that use laptops etc back onto the Citrix Program Neighbourhood

Any help greatly appreciated
Dominic LennonOwnerAsked:
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Sounds like you are on the right track with your upgrades... once you move your ts server to 2008 all will be good!

What's your issue with the SX0 and 1200 clients, I just installed 5 of those for a client last week.  Maybe I can help.
Dominic LennonOwnerAuthor Commented:
Hi Basraj,

Thanks for getting back to me.  I have already checked both of those documents.

I managed to get the users on using PN by creating a custom ICA connection.  I created one and left it at the default protocol of RDP, and hey presto it went straight through.

If however I use a published application, "desktop" in this case, I get either The error listed above, or if I use the RDP protocol through a custom ICA, I get "You do not have access to logon to this session"

I can get round this using the custom ICA connection for now, but I am planning to phase out PN when I get the new TS2008 server in production


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You can have a 2003 terminal server, however your SBS 2008 can Not be a terminal server as well, so that role can't be installed.
Dominic LennonOwnerAuthor Commented:
Hi dnsguru44

Yeah I have installed the SBS 2008 premium so that I can install a second server to run as the TS for the client.

Once this server is fully operational and all the software the client needs on it then I will just probaly use the built in RDP client for windows to connect on the PC's.

I am currently working out how to get the other Wyse SX0 and 1200 LE clients to connect at the moment!

thanks for your help though

Dominic LennonOwnerAuthor Commented:
Yeah, the client was WELL overdue an upgrade.

Old config:  
DC - Server 2003
File Server - Server 2003
Exchange Server - Server 2003
2 x Win 2k Servers as TS running Citrix MetaFram XP
All connected to seperate building by 10mb fibre

New Config:
SBS 2008
All buildings connected by Gb CAT5e


It'd be great if you could help!

When I create a new RDP connection on the SX0 or the 1200 LE and try to connect the screen flickers for second and it goes back to the console

From full windows clients all is fine and connects as expected

I had already created another question about this as I viewed as seperate issues

When I created the TS I selected the lower security option allowing older clients to connect but no banana so far.  Do I have to change the reg key as per this article?:


Dominic LennonOwnerAuthor Commented:
Entered the new connection as an RDP connection along with disabling NLA on the server managed to get this issue solved
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