Cisco 2811 router and Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch

Hi there,
My speed on each NIC card on my servers show as 1Gbps. When I go and check the switch (cisco catalyst 2960) settings via IE it shows the speed on the port which is connected to my router 2811 as 100Mpbs.  Do I have to change the router to boost that port speed to 1Gpbs? and Do I need to buy some more speed package from my ISP?
Help plz
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure AdminAsked:
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joseleonardoConnect With a Mentor Commented:

 If you want to keep the same level of service I recomend you to buy the new line of routers the 2911 that is the replacement of the 2811, and have 3 Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces Integrated and the price is almost the same.

See the specification in that link:

The 2811 Router have just Two Integrated 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports, you won't be able to get more speed from that port.
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure AdminAuthor Commented:
Whats the easiest and cheaper way to put that speed to 1Gbps.  Worse to worse I am willing to buy a new router (please suggest a new router if you could).
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