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Moving sessions from one server to another server.

Last Modified: 2013-11-11
I have 80 Citrix Terminal servers. Every month they are patched using WSUS. Right now WSUS is set at Install patches but don't reboot with user on server. Which means that I have to Disable logons and then reboot each server manually when the users log off.  Is there anyway to move a citrix session over to another server? Or any recommendations for my patching dilemma?
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Tomas ValentaIT Manager

You can use reboot feature in XenApp Advanced Configuration/Properties on server object.


Sorry I bit new to citrix. Where can I find that?
To answer your question on moving sessions, No.  It would be nice but unfortunately can't be done.

We have started to use WuInstall in a start up script to Patch Terminal Servers.  We have a reboot schedule set so that they reboot every other day at 3am (two batches, half the farm each evening) but clearly you could choose a different schedule.

The location of the reboot schedule config depends on the verison of Citrx you are running.  It's in the old Presentation Server Console on PS4.5.  I think it's called XenApp Advanced Configuration in the newer version.

Anyway, you go in there, select a server, right click, properties, reboot schedule.  The rest is pretty obvious.  It's actually quite nice in that it disables logins ahead of time and sends messages to users.

More details on WuInstall here:  http://wuinstall.com/

Top Expert 2010

1. Moving sessions not possible

2. You can reboot the server based during non-business hours so users will not be affected. You can schedule the reboot and also inform the users that servers will rebooted in few minutes if the users are logged in at the time of reboot.

In New versions:

Start\Programs\Citrix\Management Consoles\XenApp Advanced configuration
Click on server, select properties and reboot options in left pane.

in CPS4.5:

Open up Presentation console
Under the Servers folder - highlight server - properties - reboot schedule


This would work perfectly, unfortunately it's a 24 hour workplace ( hospital ). In addition management doesn't want prompt users to log off.  I guess there is no way to automatically detect users on a server and reboot that said server when it detects no users...
Top Expert 2010

Similar to yours. Please check if this scripts help. Recommended that you test them before on your test servers:

Tomas ValentaIT Manager

It is possible to do it by configuring load ballance policy and script. You must analyze environment of published applications and users logon times and based on these knowledges you must configure load ballance policies and write script for checking number of sessions on servers and if this number will be zero then restart and assign this server to the normal load ballance policy.
IT Manager
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