Installing RSA ACE/Server 6.0

While installing RSA /ACE Server6.0 i am getting error message Path System Environment variable is too long 516

How do I fix or get around this issue?
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Jimmy Larsson, CISSP, CEHConnect With a Mentor Network and Security consultantCommented:
It sounds quite obvious. You have an envirovent-variable called "PATH" whose content is too long.

If you open a command (DOS) window and write "set PATH" you will see the content of that variable. Maybe you can shorten it by removing part of it?

PATH is a variable being used by some systems including window. When trying to find a system file it will look in all directories specified in the PATH. Content like c:\windows\system32 are critical but maybe some weird application has added itself to the path? Each directory in the path variable is separated with a semicolon.

InQontrolAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the assistance.
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