SQL Server 2005 Table with validation rule

I have a table in the SQL Server 2005 table, and I want this table to only allow the value of A, B, or C. How would I put in this validation rule to the table.
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jerrypdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can do it with a constraint...
testtable is the table name
ck_testtable is the constraint name
testchars is the field name

ALTER TABLE [dbo].[testtable]  WITH CHECK ADD  CONSTRAINT [CK_testtable] CHECK  (([testchars]='a' or [testchars]='b'))
I would use an insert trigger to validate the data, then return a failure code if it is outside of your "acceptable" parameters.
HNA071252Author Commented:
So there's no way you can enter the parameters just like in Access? I'm pretty new to SQL programming, how do I do "insert trigger"?
SQL and access are two completely different beasts. Let me see if I can get something for you...
HNA071252Author Commented:
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