Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 app on Citrix works via RDP and not on the local system

This is a strange thing that is happening. We are currently testing the upgrade to GP2010 on our development environment where GP app and Citrix reside on the same system.  The GP app on Citrix does not work when trying it from a user’s system and crashes when trying to load the GP home page. Now, if we use another system and RDP to the same users system and then login and try the GP app it will load up just fine and not crash. Both ways we were using the same user credentials to log into Citrix. Has anyone run across this issue or similar with a different app?
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Peter SpeaksConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
I know this post is a bit old but I have run into GP crashing after logging into a company when using Citrix. Below is the solution I found.

Go to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP\Background\Images\

Rename the file "Icmsg.gif" to something else.

Incompatibility between this file and DirectX.  

I have seen this is the past when users try to connect wide angle 22"+ monitors with a resolution of 1900+ in seamless mode.  What you'll need to do is take a look at the session information for a users who is experiencing this issue and note their screen resolution.
the GP Home page loads a lot of components, like Outlook emails and calendar, some metrics, reports, etc. If the system you are trying to connect from that crashes does not have outlook, this might happen. What you can do is turn off the outlook emails and calendar to be shown on the home page - first login through the system where it doesn't crash and click on the hyperlink "Customize Home page" and uncheck outlook options. Then save the changes and exit out. You can also turn off the display metrics options.

once you have changed the home page settings, exit out of Dynamics from the good GP client and then login from the system where you are having issues.
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