Cannot See Domain Controllers in Network Places

I have a Windows 2008 Domain Controller and Windows 2003 Domain Controller. When I look from any client computer, the controllers are not visible in Network places or when  map a network drive from explorer. I can map a folder if I physically type the share.

My logon script to map a user folder is failing as well. Even the Set time command in the script is not working because the computer cannot be found. It appears to be a permissions problem but I am not sure where to look for the error. Any ideas experts?
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AlwaysOn_ITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd also make sure each domain controller has itself and the other DC in it's DNS settings.  If you had to change any settings to make this the case, run ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /registerdns on the servers and workstations.  This should AT LEAST get you to where you can browse to \\servername.  To get the servers to show up in Network Places you might need to implement WINS.
It sounds like you are having some name resolution issues, do all client machines have both of your Domain Controllers as their DNS servers?
Also, are you using WINS on your network?
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Darius GhassemCommented:
In Windows 2008 server Computer Browser Service is disabled please enable.

Go to your TCP\IP settings Enable Netbios over TCP\IP
waynerayAuthor Commented:
I did have to implement WINS and add the controllers into DNS. I thought it was a resolution issue. I didn't think I had to use WINS on Windows 2008 but it is fixed. Thanks.
You don't technically HAVE to use WINS, but any time you rely on the Network Places it's the only way to ensure every machine shows.  Also, if you have multiple sites, to get all PCs to show in Network Places at all sites, you should have a WINS server on each subnet.  The easiest way to get all the clients to play along is to specify the WINS server address in DHCP and set the node type to 0x8 (Hybrid Mode).  If all of your clients are Windows Vista/7 you don't have to bother with WINS but if you're running XP and older it really helps.

I'm glad you got everything rolling, have a good one!
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